Hilde Osland Busts Out Of Lacy Pink Lingerie In ‘Goddess’ Instagram Snap

Hilde OslandInstagram

Baby blue eyes and cherubic features go a long way on Instagram. Hilde Osland has both, alongside the icy-blond hair that’s contributing to her being called a “goddess” today.

On May 1, the Norwegian model and snowboarding enthusiast updated her Instagram feed. Two shared snaps show this sensation wearing a somewhat-innocent expression, but her outfit is a touch racier. Fans a treated to Hilde showing off an all-in-one pink lingerie set, plunging cleavage, and a cheeky thong — should they swipe to the right for the second image.

Hilde appears to be in her bathroom for the snapshots. Stark white sinks and walls only serve to make this tan blond pop against the background, although fans are likely focusing on the foreground. Hilde is without a doubt the picture’s centerpiece, and she’s definitely getting noticed for her appearance. One fan left high praise, as per their comment.

“Wow!! You look so amazing. A beautiful, goddess living amongst mortals.”

The comment was followed by a series of heart, alien, and fire emojis. Another fan told Hilde that she should be “on the cover of every magazine and billboard” on Earth.

In a world where ultra-provocative Instagram models compete for attention, there is, admittedly, an innocent appeal to Osland. Her smile features regularly on her feed, as does an adorable dog. Then again, so do a plethora of cut-off tees, tiny bikinis, and scanty lingerie.

Hilde has 1.1 million Instagram followers. Just yesterday, The Inquisitr was documenting Hilde taking to the platform in a braless getup. With a tree-framed setting, a pastel pink cropped top and casual low-rise jeans once again channeled Osland’s innocent vibe.

European as this model’s roots may be, she’s proving to be quite the globetrotter. Yesterday’s post came with a Brisbane, Australia geo-tag. Alongside updates from snowy Canada and San Diego, California, Hilde’s Instagram bio mentions various global locations in abbreviated formats. The bolded “NO” does, however, suggest a fondness for her home country of Norway.

As has become commonplace with Instagram models, Hilde frequently gives a mention to style label Fashion Nova. The label may have full-blown partnerships with the likes of Cardi B, but Fashion Nova still relies on smaller influencers, as well. Appearing to send these models clothing for free, it’s a win-win for both parties. Fashion Nova sees its name advertised to the masses — and the model is all kitted out.

Hilde’s account appears to follow celebrities known for their sweetheart edge. Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande are all followed. Osland also seems to be a fan of power figures like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian. Perhaps not everything about this Norwegian blonde is 100 percent innocent.