Academy Awards Beef Up Security For Celebrity Stalkers

The Academy Awards are one of the most watched and beloved ceremonies of the year. Year after year it’s been ceremonious, and this time around the Academy and the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles are both making sure it’s going to stay that way.

In order to combat a potentially threatening situation, the Academy has spent a ton of money and a huge chunk of time covering all worst cast scenarios. Apparently extra emphasis has been put on in beefing up the security for the night in order to keep certain celebrity stalkers at bay.

According to celebrity site TMZ, a private firm Security Industry Specialists were put to work to oversee the entire event. The firm is working hand in hand with the Los Angeles Police Department to ensure that everything goes a-okay. Perhaps it’s the recent shootings and the laborious man hunt for Christopher Dorner that has put all of California on edge. Considering this is a huge event for the city, the fact that every precaution is being taken is understood.

According to TMZ those who will be working the door will be on their toes and will memorize everyone along with pictures and names. If someone is out of place , the team will be able to handle the situation without creating a larger issue during and before the ceremony.

Though those who will be viewing the ceremony probably won’t notice a difference between this year’s ceremony and last year’s in terms of the beefing up of security, keeping everyone safe should always come first and it’s nice to see the Academy with the right priorities in check.