WWE News: Dean Ambrose Returns As Jon Moxley And Drops Possible Clues To All Elite Wrestling

Back in January, WWE officially announced that Dean Ambrose would not re-sign with the company once his contract expired in April of 2019. A lot of people thought it was a work as WWE doesn't do things like that and superstars usually just leave without much fanfare. Now, Ambrose is gone and a new video has built up the return of Jon Moxley (his indie ring name), and it has brought about a lot of speculation regarding All Elite Wrestling.

The official Twitter account of the former Dean Ambrose tweeted out the hype video late on Tuesday night, and it sent people into a frenzy. Jon Moxley only has a single tweet on his account, and it is the lone video that runs for one minute and 27 seconds.

The former WWE Champion certainly does appear to have truly left WWE for good, but maybe not forever. Anything is possible in the future, but Dean Ambrose's profile has been moved to the "Alumni Section," and he has turned to social media to detail the return of Jon Moxley.

WWE had announced that The Shield's Final Chapter last week was Dean Ambrose's last match with the company. Now, Seth Rollins is the Universal Champion on Monday Night Raw and Roman Reigns has been moved to SmackDown Live while Moxley is out there without an apparent home.

In the video, Moxley is training and building up for the return of "Mox," but there doesn't appear to be much more to it. Of course, this is something that professional wrestling fans have been able to see and that means they've been picking apart every single thing regarding it.

While it's not yet known where Jon Moxley is going, it is possible that he lands with All Elite Wrestling. AEW already has former WWE superstars such as Cody Rhodes and Chris Jericho along with Goldust/Dustin Rhodes, as recently reported by The Inquisitr.

In three-and-a-half weeks, AEW will present their first-ever show with Double or Nothing from Las Vegas. The event takes place on May 25, 2019, and it has a pretty good card scheduled, but could someone else end up being added to it?

That is just one thing that many fans are looking at as a clue to Jon Moxley possibly joining All Elite Wrestling. Of course, the rumor mill isn't (or is) helped by Cody Rhodes playing into things and getting even more people talking.
Alfred Konuwa of Forbes also pointed out that the Wikipedia page for Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley says he is signed to All Elite Wrestling. As Wikipedia can be updated by virtually anyone, this is not a confirmation of anything as there has been no announcement by AEW, Moxley, or anyone.
No matter what, Dean Ambrose appears to be officially gone and Jon Moxley has returned. Now, the only thing that needs to become known is if he will join AEW, go to New Japan, head to Impact, or any other company around the world. Of course, there's always the possibility that he's simply heading back to WWE but under an entirely new-old gimmick and swerving everyone.