Kevin Hunter Reportedly ‘Sucked The Energy Out Of A Room’ On Wendy Williams’ Talk Show

Dave KotinskyGetty Images

Wendy Williams may not have been the only one who wanted Kevin Hunter off the set of her talk show. Just two weeks ago, the television personality fired her executive producer — and husband of 21 years — from The Wendy Williams Show. This move came after their rocky marriage had caused extreme tension on set. Now, Williams’ former intern is shedding even more light on Hunter’s reportedly toxic behavior.

The anonymous employee, who worked as an intern for Williams’ radio show, revealed to Radar Online this week that Hunter always seemed to “suck the energy out of a room” when he worked on the talk show.

“The vibe that he gave off was very abrasive. He was not very friendly,” the source explained. “He’s always been stand-offish… I worry about him — the potential of what he can do.”

The source also revealed that Hunter often took credit for creating The Wendy Williams Show, despite his wife’s hard work to keep it on the air every day. Williams’ talk show first aired in 2008, and has since moved between several networks — including BET, BET Her, and Pop.

On April 18, a spokesperson for The Wendy Williams Show revealed, in an official statement, that Hunter had been fired.

Sources close to Williams later explained to Entertainment Tonight that Hunter was also banned from the set after a reported blowout fight with his wife. Security was increased to ensure that the former producer would be unable to reach Williams.

Williams has been incredibly open about her personal struggles in recent months. On her talk show, she has spoken about her battle with addiction — and of living in a sober house. She also chronicled her husband’s allegedly ongoing affair, one conducted with a mistress who recently gave birth to his child.

According to Radar Online‘s source, Williams has actually been struggling emotionally at work for years.

“I’d walk into her room and she’d be crying,” the former employee explained. “There would be months where she would be very sad and then nobody would ever know what it was about.”

Williams is now making a strong effort to turn her life around. Last month, the author served Hunter with divorce papers, and she is reportedly moving out of their shared New Jersey home — planning to live on her own in a Manhattan apartment. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Williams declared — during an April episode of her show — that she is ready for a new beginning.

“I have a whole new life that I planned for myself and my son,” she said.