Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Port Charles Residents Rally As Oscar’s Remaining Time Dwindles

Craig SjodinABC

People throughout Port Charles will be pulling together to support Oscar Nero and his loved ones during what may be his final hours. General Hospital spoilers detail that the episode airing on Wednesday, May 1, will be fully dedicated to this storyline. However, teasers indicate that a lot of cast members will be incorporated into the events ahead.

As The Inquisitr has shared, Oscar seems to be fading pretty quickly now. He had been enjoying time outdoors — and the last that viewers saw, he had Cameron helping him make a farewell video for Josslyn. General Hospital spoilers from the Twitter sneak peek indicate that during Wednesday’s show, Oscar will be in his bedroom at the Quartermaine mansion, and it looks like his loved ones will be staying close by his side.

At one point, Drew and Kim will sit on the Quartermaine stairs together. Drew will mention something about how perhaps Oscar isn’t fighting a losing battle, and Kim will look contemplative as she listens to her ex.

Terry will talk with Elizabeth, keeping things factual about how the family needs to prepare for what seems to be an inevitable and heartbreaking end. Cameron will meet with Trina at Charlie’s, and she will talk about figuring out what kind of friend one wants to be.

Josslyn tore into Cam for keeping his distance from Oscar during these final days, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Cameron — and everybody else — will spend these final moments doing their best to be there for Oscar.

Ned will pop up during Wednesday’s show, and he’ll be asking what someone is doing in one room of the mansion. It’s not known yet who he sees, but seems that it might be Monica.

Executive producer Frank Valentini teased, via Twitter, that viewers will see Ned and Monica talking about the history of the Quartermaine family during the May 1 show. He also tweeted that everybody will watch phenomenal work by Tamara Braun (Kim), Billy Miller (Drew), and Garren Stitt (Oscar).

While Kim is leaning a lot on Drew as they cope with the seemingly imminent loss of their son, SheKnows Soaps shares that Julian will reach out to Kim, too. General Hospital spoilers note that she will be glad to hear from him, and in the days ahead he’ll continue to lend his support — as much as she will let him.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Oscar may still have some small amount of quality time left, as the sneak peek teases that, at one point, he will tell Josslyn he is feeling much better. Unfortunately, this is likely either a dream or something similar, or perhaps an end-of-life rally as Oscar’s death nears.

While ABC has not yet confirmed — in specific terms — that Oscar will die, all of the available General Hospital spoilers point in that direction. It’s also not known if his presumed passing will occur during this episode, or in another show. However, it seems that Wednesday’s show will be an emotional and powerful one that viewers will not want to miss.