‘Sexiest Woman In The World’ Reya Sunshine Busts Out Of Black Thong Lingerie On Instagram

Reya SunshineInstagram

Reya Sunshine’s “sexiest woman in the world” status is new and it’s all there in black and white.

The flattering comment comes as a result of this model and dancer’s latest Instagram update. On May 1, Reya took to the platform for a decidedly raunchy photo. Channeling red-soled platform heels, black lace lingerie and plenty of skin, her picture is getting noticed. Fans are seeing Reya shot from behind although her pose, which seems to suggest she was caught off guard, sees this model turn to face the camera at what appears to be just the right time.

“Ladies and Gentlemen” may be greeted in the caption, but the bulk of today’s comments appear to be from the “gentlemen.” The ultimate praise came from a fan appearing to be named Michael. His comment suggested Reya outdoing all women on earth.

“Sexiest woman in the world”

The comment did not go unnoticed. Reya herself replied saying it was “quite the compliment.” She added, “Thank you.”

Reya does not appear to have replied to the fan who thinks her booty should be “archived and insured.” At the rate responses are pouring in, though, this model likely doesn’t have the time to tackle every individual thought. She may also be busy running Reya’s Room – the website that comes complete with Shop and Live sections.

A following in the millions doesn’t build itself. Then again, when that Instagram feed is almost exclusively filled with cleavage flaunting snaps from a “feature dancer,” popularity is a no-brainer. Close-ups also seem to perform particularly well for Reya. The below snap currently sits at more than 47,000 likes.

Reya also uses her account to indicate when and where she will be performing – “LONG ISLAND get ready, because I’m coming for you! Performing TONIGHT and tonight only” was a recent caption. The April East Coast mention pegs this brunette as somewhat of a jet-setter. Updates have seen Reya in Las Vegas, Colorado Springs, Miami Beach and various spots across California.

While the majority of Reya’s posts go straight for the eye-popping cleavage, some appear to explore other concepts. Oversized wings from a February update are akin to the Kardashian-Jenner Halloween getups from 2018 when all five sisters donned Victoria’s Secret outfits, per Vogue. A quick peek at accounts Reya is following shows her subscribing to Instagram updates from at least some Keeping Up With The Kardashians sisters. Kim Kardashian is followed. Likewise, Kendall Jenner.

Reya also follows high-profile models Lindsey Pelas, Demi Rose, Alexis Ren and Lyna Perez. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson likely provides fitspo for Reya.