Twin Models Pauline And Mathilde Tantot Flaunt Thong-Clad Booties Together In Bed

Mathilde TantotInstagram

Something about Instagram is digging twin models right now.

Pauline and Mathilde Tantot are the French duo taking the platform by storm. An update from Pauline on April 30 seems to be drawing particular attention. The eye-popping snap isn’t showing these girls’ faces, but it’s giving fans something else to look at. As Pauline’s caption states, it’s “all about butts and [the] tan.”

The snap shows these sisters lying on their fronts. White bed sheets and a black headboard set a monochrome theme. Black and white cropped tops continue it. Peachy behinds clad in tiny black thongs aren’t leaving much to the imagination, but something about this update suggests that’s the point. While neither twin is fully identified, the pattern of posing together combined with the comments suggest the anonymous booties belong to Mathilde and Pauline.

Comments are, indeed, indicating that these Frenchies are taking over Instagram. One summed it up.

“When someone asks me why Instagram is so popular I answer showing this pic.”

Another user seemed to be facing a dilemma.

“Oh god i can’t decide which one.”

Interestingly, a response to that comment states “always pauline.” The preference for Pauline is, however, not reflected by the twins’ respective Instagram followings. Pauline has 1.7 million followers. Her sister, Mathilde has a higher 2.6 million followers.

Regardless of the disparage in following, these French beauties are getting noticed. Bar Stool Sports was dedicating posts to this duo back in November 2018. Less than a week ago, The Inquisitr was reporting Instagram users calling Mathilde “unreal” as she donned thong lingerie in what appeared to be her kitchen.

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breakfast Time baby

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There is, admittedly, something extremely eye-catching about the images filling the Tantot feeds. Void of the overly-glossy, somewhat-posed pictures that many Instagram models channel, these Paris-based sisters go more authentic. Their indoor or outdoor snaps have a spontaneous feel. Whether digging into refrigerators or enjoying Paris skylines from balconies, updates from the Tantot clan come mostly low-frills. The term is, however, less applicable to their choice of lingerie.

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when I’m with u. breathing

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The penchant for underwear or bikinis may be prevalent for both twins, but they will cover up from time to time. An October 2018 post from Pauline didn’t lose the signature thong, but it came with a Burberry jacket. The luxury British brand is enjoying somewhat of a comeback – Kylie Jenner dresses her daughter, Stormi, in baby Burberry. Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj have likewise been spotted in the label’s iconic check monogram.

Less about the high fashion and more about the high pulses, Pauline and her sister nonetheless seem to be driving traffic.