President Donald Trump Retweets Nearly 60 Anti-Biden Posts In Less Than One Hour On Wednesday Morning

Win McNameeGetty Images

President Donald Trump spent a solid block of time on Twitter Wednesday morning, and it looks as if he was narrowly focused on one specific topic. Former Vice President Joe Biden announced his candidacy for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination about a week ago, and it looks as if that has had a significant impact on the current president.

As NBC News details, a tweet posted by conservative commentator Dan Bongino caught Trump’s attention in a big way. Bongino tweeted about what he saw as an overall lack of support from firemen for Biden, and this prompted dozens of replies. The president quickly started retweeting many of the replies to Bongino’s original post.

Within less than an hour, Trump retweeted 59 of those replies. In fact, it seems that all of this retweeting actually took place in a span of about 20 minutes. This flurry of retweets came after the president himself replied to Bongino’s post via his Twitter page.

Bloomberg notes that this came after the International Association of Firefighters came out with a Biden endorsement earlier this week. Biden held a rally on Tuesday in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and NPR details that this was held by the IAFF.

Biden touted being a union man and talked about how essential areas like Western Pennsylvania would be in being able to beat Trump in 2020. Trump did win Pennsylvania in the 2016 election, but that hadn’t necessarily been an expected outcome and the win was key in the president’s ability to win the electoral college.

The dozens of posts that Trump retweeted Wednesday morning tended to be from accounts that said they were big fans of the president. They frequently said they were retired firefighters or connected to firefighters and that they opposed the Biden endorsement that came from the IAFF.

Not all of the posts referenced Biden directly. However, the implication was quite clear considering that every single one had been a reply to Bongino’s original post about the IAFF supporting Biden’s candidacy.

“This statement is like so many others—liberal lies. Why would the military or emergency workers support a candidate who [sic] party disrespects everything about their cause??? Trump 2020.”

“This fire family does NOT support Joe Biden for President. #TRUMP2020”

There were plenty of people who replied to Trump’s initial post and noted the dozens of retweets he shared in such a short block of time. One questioned whether the president ever worked while another noted that he had predicted a massive meltdown from the president over these latest developments.

The Democratic nominee for the 2020 presidential election won’t be chosen for more than a year yet. However, as The Inquisitr noted, Biden does have a sizeable lead in early polling.

Based on President Donald Trump’s retweet run Wednesday morning, it would appear that he is taking Biden’s candidacy rather seriously, and people will be interested to see how intense this gets in the months ahead.