Donny Osmond Thanks Big Brother For ‘Inspiration’

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Singer and entertainer Donny Osmond thanked his big brother on Instagram in a touching birthday post where he applauded his older sibling for being an “inspiration” to him throughout his growing-up years and through today.

Osmond thanked Merrill Osmond, who just turned 66-years-old, for his hard work and dedication and not “resting on his laurels” as he got older, proving that the best years of your life will always be ahead of you.

Donny Osmond noted in a caption to a photo he posted where he is posing with his handsome older brother that Merrill always inspired him to “work hard and be a better person.” He also explained that he was so thrilled for his brother after earning an honorary doctorate degree, although he didn’t state what the degree was for or what institution it came from.

Closer Weekly reported that Merrill does not perform with his younger siblings anymore.

The publication also noted that the older Osmond brother has been knighted twice: once by the Order of Saint Michael of the Wing and once by the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem.

Merrill Osmond is the author of the book Let the Reason Be Love, which was published in 2003. The title comes from one of The Osmond Brothers biggest hits, “Love Me For A Reason.”

In the book, he talked about giving up his favorite color purple to Donny, missing out on carefree childhood days, hanging out with Paul McCartney, arriving at performances hidden in ambulances, and getting turned down by J. Willard Marriott for funding for the inaugural events for President Ronald Reagan, reported Utah Valley 360.

He also noted the stern nature of his father, George, who along with the clan’s mother Olive, directed the family on a path toward superstardom while keeping the clan as close-knit as possible.

“My father was a strict man, but as I look back I know that it had to be done that way,” he said to the publication. “No one could have given us a better platoon. When the world was beating us down, our family gave us a support system.”

Merrill Osmond continues to perform and holds a full calendar of speaking engagements. Donny Osmond continues to perform alongside sister Marie Osmond at The Flamingo in Las Vegas, Nevada, where they have held a residency for the past 11 years. The two will conclude their residency at The Flamingo in November of this year where they will perform their final shows.