Lisa Vanderpump Calls Dorit Kemsley A ‘Stupid Cow,’ ‘RHOBH’ Fans React With Memes And More

Nicole WeingartBravo

Lisa Vanderpump has no intention of rekindling her friendship with Dorit Kemsley. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and her husband, Ken Todd, faced off with former friends Dorit and PK Kemsley over this season’s Puppy Gate drama, and Vanderpump delivered the ultimate mic drop at the end of the heated lunch meeting.

After Dorit told Lisa that it’s “difficult” for her to believe that she had nothing to do with spreading negative stories about her family’s failed dog adoption but still wanted to move past the feud and salvage their friendship, Vanderpump fired back, according to People. The SUR owner said she had to draw a line in the sand, and that if Dorit believed that she spread the story, “we don’t have a friendship.”

“What’s the point of having a friend … who thinks you’re a liar?” Lisa asked.

While Dorit’s husband PK eventually sided with Lisa after reasoning that she couldn’t be lying after swearing on her children’s lives, Vanderpump was done. After Dorit and PK left the scene, Lisa Vanderpump dropped the mic.

“The fact that Dorit has taken this stance has basically ended the whole bloody thing. Let me just go on with my life. It’s easier talking to Congress than talking to that stupid cow.”

In British slang, a “stupid cow” is described as a woman who is stupid or annoying. It’s no surprise that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans had a field day with Lisa Vanderpump’s comment about Dorit. Fans took to Twitter to side with Lisa on the “stupid cow” diss, with some posting hilarious memes.

Meanwhile, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills veteran Kyle Richards retweeted a comment from a fan who compared Lisa’s remark to the mocking “GoodbyeKyle” memes that have popped on online.

“Wow so again it’s okay for LVP to call one of her ‘friends’ a ‘stupid cow’ but the ladies poking fun at #GoodbyeKyle is crossing the line?” the RHOBH fan wrote.

Earlier this season, Lisa Vanderpump ended her friendship with Kyle Richards after the former child star confronted her about a leaked tabloid story on the Puppy Gate scandal. It wasn’t long before Ken Todd booted Richards out of the couple’s mansion with a swift, “Goodbye Kyle!” Richards and other Real Housewives cast members later posted videos and hashtags mocking Todd’s “Goodbye Kyle” moment.

On her Very Vanderpump blog, Lisa pointed to the mocking “Goodbye Kyle” videos as proof that Richards doesn’t value their friendship.

“The fact that she clearly doesn’t mourn the loss of the friendship is evident in the ‘Goodbye Kyle’ scenarios on her social media in which she mocks my husband. I see the funny side of most things, but when a relationship is in tatters it would be challenging for me to mock the other party,” Lisa wrote.

Kyle Richards remains estranged from Lisa Vanderpump. And during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, which you can see below, Dorit Kemsley confirmed she has not spoken to Vanderpump or her husband since their heated face-off.

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