Kim Kardashian Won’t Be A ‘Traditional Pastor’s Wife’ If Kanye West Starts His Own Church

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Nobody quite knows where Kanye West’s church plans are at. His wife appears to be a different story.

On April 30, People reported a source dishing on exactly how things would pan out if Kanye starts his own church. “Kim is 100 percent on board with this. She’s a Christian, too, and she understands the importance of being spiritual,” the magazine’s source stated. That said, there appears to be a limit. The source added the following.

“She wouldn’t be a traditional ‘pastor’s wife’ who organizes bake sales. But she will support him if he ever starts church. She’ll be there for it.”

Rumors surrounding the Yeezus rapper’s plans to start his own church have spiked. Earlier this week, People stated West being “reportedly interested” in starting up a worship base in his own name. The news follows Kanye’s high-profile Coachella 2019 appearance. His “Sunday Service” came with a grassy setting, gospel singers, and a very high-profile Kardashian-Jenner turnout. People‘s April 24 coverage came with a quote from a source reportedly “close to West.”

“He is extremely passionate about his faith and wants to share it more regularly with people. He spends a lot of time studying and praying, and wants to share his journey.”

Kanye’s Coachella “Sunday Service” was attended by 50,000 people. It was also live-streamed on YouTube. Most importantly, however, it didn’t form the first such event. Instagram stories from Kim Kardashian and her sister, Khloe have been showing more intimate versions of West’s weekly worship for some weeks. The updates mostly came from blurry, hand-held cameras, but they clearly showed the “Jesus Walks” rapper heavily involved.

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Today’s People source did not confirm any official plans, but it did provide some insight. “He has talked about starting his own church, and what exactly that would be,” they said. While the church “wouldn’t be the traditional, 3-hymns-and-a-sermon thing,” it would be a “way to point people to Jesus through the arts and through a community of people who love and care for each other.” The source added Kanye wanting his children to be “raised in faith.”

Kim is known for being immensely supportive of her husband. Whether it’s wearing Kaney’s Yeezy lookbooks or taking to Keeping Up With the Kardashians to explain this largely-misunderstood celebrity, the KKW Beauty founder is behind her man. While Kim was raised in California and Kanye grew up in Chicago, both share the same Christian faith. Their son is named Saint.

Whether Kanye’s reported church plans will ever see the light of day remains unknown. One thing appears clear, however. His wife won’t be a “pastor’s wife” (and she definitely won’t be heading up the bake sale).