Swedish Model Anna Nystrom Shows Off Well-Toned Legs In New Snap

Anna NystromInstagram

A look at Swedish fitness model Anna Nyström’s Instagram page can easily convince people as to why she has 7.7 million followers — thanks to her amazing body, beautiful facial features, and sense of style. And whenever she posts a new picture on Instagram — which is a daily ritual for her — she never fails to impress.

Taking to her account on Tuesday, April 30, Anna shared a new picture with her admirers wherein she could be seen wearing a tight, black top from Nike which she paired with tight grey shorts which allowed her to put her well-toned legs on full display.

The model let her blonde tresses down and stood in front of a mirror to click a selfie. As for her aesthetics, Anna wore a full face of makeup but kept it light in accordance with the choice of her outfit.

Within a few minutes of having been posted, the 27-year-old model’s picture accrued more than 19,000 likes and and 340-plus comments which shows that she is immensely popular on the photo-sharing website.

“You are a true babe,” one fan commented on the picture, while another one said that he wants to take the model out on a date. He also added that he is moving to Sweden soon and he is very excited about that.

Another one said that Anna is the most beautiful model on Instagram and she deserves more fame and recognition. Other followers and fans posted complimentary words and phrases to praise the model, while some expressed their admiration by using emojis.

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Apart from the sultry snap, the Stockholm native also posted some hot pictures in her Instagram Stories showing her donning a white top which she teamed with a pair of tighter-than-skin grey pants, and as she turned her back towards the camera to pose for the pic, she provided a detailed display of her voluptuous booty — a move that instantly titillated her fans.

Anna, who was featured in Sports Illustrated magazine’s “Lovely Lady of the Day” segment, wrote in her bio that she first created her Instagram account in 2013 when she was going through a rough patch because of her health. She, however, said that she recovered because of her positive thinking and prioritized her health over everything else.

Determined not to give up until she could find herself a good doctor, Anna decided that she had too many dreams to realize, therefore, she won’t let her sickness ruin those dreams.

“Things were slowly getting better and I actually felt well enough to even go to the gym. I got stronger and stronger every day and I loved it. I started sharing my fitness journey on Instagram and always made sure to update every day. It was so fun to be able to use my creative side, share my passion for fitness and also inspire people along the way.”