Hannah Palmer’s ‘Better When Wet’ Update Is Bringing Instagram To Its Knees

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Fans don’t exactly peg Hannah Palmer as a wordsmith. April 30 is proving them wrong.

Traffic is likely on the up for this Maxim model today – “better when wet” as a caption to a cleavage-flaunting pool picture will do that. Hannah’s latest update appears to come as the complete package. Fans are getting a swimsuit-clad bombshell, as much sideboob as there is leg, and Palmer herself is semi-submerged. The witty caption adds the final flourish.

Today’s sunny snap shows Hannah flaunting her famous curves in an all-in-one white getup. It’s pool-appropriate, super-skimpy, and it isn’t leaving much to the imagination. With her arms crossed above her head and a gaze that’s piercing the camera’s lens, Palmer is making a stand. She’s also driving Instagram nuts as a result. Fan comments are even including input from fellow models. Nicki Andrea left her thoughts.


Oddly, another user told Hannah that “you’re [sic] body doesn’t make sense.” It came promptly corrected by a likely irate fan – “your,” they replied with an alien emoji. Other comments see Palmer called a “goddess.” One simply replied, “Good god!” Despite largely appearing dedicated to the blonde dominating their feeds, not all comments make a beeline for Hannah’s physique. One fan did pick up on the caption, per their comment.

“The caption”

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better when wet @fashionnova

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Hannah has 641,000 Instagram followers. The Arizona-born model has already been featured as Maxim‘s cover girl. The magazine took the time to ask Hannah if she has any “secret” talents. The response proved interesting.

“Secret talent? I would say I’m not terrible at singing (if we are being unoriginal), but something that only the closest people in my life know about me is that I can twist my arm all the way around! A full 360 degrees haha.”

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???????????? @thebikiniblock

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A rising model Hannah may be, but she’s getting noticed. Her Instagram bio comes complete with a KO Watches partnership, as well as being a Fashion Nova ambassador. The affordable clothing brand appears to have made a wise marketing choice of late. The plethora of Instagram models promoting Fashion Nova is propelling the fashion label onto tens of millions of feeds – Hannah is just another contributor. In fact, today’s update comes with a Fashion Nova mention.

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hot apple pie???? @fashionnova

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Of course, when it comes to Instagram’s models, a retro and food-centric snap always goes down well. Hannah’s February update may not have thrown fans much cleavage, but it ticked boxes for featuring milkshakes and Hannah appearing to suck on a lollipop. Once again, apple pie being “hot” in the caption showed Palmer’s snappy ability to caption a photo.

If things are “better” when “wet,” Hannah appears to be living proof.