Lisa Rinna Poses With Her Daughters In Fashion Campaign, But Grandma Lois Steals The Show

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Lisa Rinna’s family members have been blessed with good looks. The 55-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, who worked as a model early in her career, recently posed alongside her daughters Delilah Belle Hamlin, 20, and Amelia Gray Hamlin, 17 — as well as her mother, Lois Rinna, 90. Their poses were struck in support of a Mother’s Day campaign for vintage retailer What Comes Around Goes Around.

Page Six recently posted pictures from the shoot, one which featured the four women wearing similar past-decade designer collections in their own way. Rinna and her family members modeled Chanel surf looks, jewelry from the 1990s, LV-monogrammed denim pieces, logo belts, and more.

The celebrity site noted that Lisa Rinna’s 90-year-old mom totally upstaged her in one pose, as they both modeled matching Chanel double-C earrings. Indeed, Lisa Rinna praised her show-stealing, fashionista mom as she posted an article about the shoot to Twitter with the caption, “The Queen!!! Lois!!!”

Lisa Rinna told People that she felt “such pride” to be able to pose with her mom — and her model daughters — together. The Bravo star and QVC guru added that she was grateful and “so blessed” to be in the fashion campaign with three generations of her family.

While Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin’s daughters are already seasoned models who’ve appeared in Teen Vogue, Paper, and more, it may surprise fans of the famous clan to know that Lisa’s mom, Lois, knows the ropes in the modeling world as well. Rinna told People that her mom modeled in a local fashion show in her hometown of Medford, Oregon, and was “not nervous at all” about the fashion shoot. In addition, Lois has always loved fashion and even influenced her daughter with her chic looks back in the day. Rinna said her mom was inspired by the classic looks of Jackie Kennedy Onassis and elegant movie stars.

Lisa Rinna’s mom is already a familiar face to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans. The 90-year-old beauty has been featured on the Bravo reality show in the past, and recently detailed her terrifying story of being attacked by David Carpenter, the infamous Trailside Killer that murdered multiple people on the hiking trails in Northern California in the 1970s and ’80s. Lois Rinna — who escaped death three years before her daughter Lisa was born, thanks to a suspicious military policeman who followed Carpenter’s car down a deserted road — had been viciously attacked by the convicted murderer.

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