Ashton Kutcher May Testify At Ex-Girlfriend's Murder Trial

According to Radar Online, Ashton Kutcher was identified as a potential witness for the murder trial of Michael Gargiulo, known as the Hollywood Ripper, and the alleged killer of his then-girlfriend Ashley Ellerin.

Radar Online reports that in court documents filed yesterday, out of 426 people Kutcher was named as potential witness number 12. Also on the list are Ellerin's family members, LAPD detectives, and Santa Monica police officers.

The trial is scheduled to begin May 2, more than 18 years after Ellerin was stabbed to death in her home on February 2001. Her body was riddled with almost 50 stab wounds, primarily to the head, neck, and torso. She was only 22-years-old.

That night at 10 p.m., Kutcher arrived at her house to pick her up for a Grammys party. When the part-time stripper and fashion student didn't answer the door, he peered through a window and noticed dark stains on the carpet, but assumed it was just red wine. He left to attend the event alone, unaware of the horror that occurred inside.

In 2009, a close friend of the actor told The Examiner that night stayed with Kutcher for years

"Ashton had nightmares for years over the killing. It was a horrible ordeal. He grieved for years over her."
It has been said Kutcher may offer new evidence at the trial.

After DNA evidence connected Gargiulo to the crime, he was arrested in 2008 and sent to trial with three murder charges and one attempted murder charge.

Court documents show that Gargiulo moved to Los Angeles after living in Chicago and allegedly committed murders. Living within just 400 feet of Ellerin, he entered the victim's home one night while she showered and attacked her.

Prosecutors said Maria Bruno, Gargiulo's next known alleged target, was recently separated and moved into an apartment fewer than 100 feet from Gargiulo's place of residence just before her murder on December 1, 2005.

As Radar Online reported, the trial, which began on April 15, is set to last almost six months.

After years of postponements, jury selection finally began this month. Ellerin's family had spoken before of their frustration over the delays in Gargiulio's trial.

If Kutcher is to appear, it will likely happen soon, according to a court clerk at the Criminal Justice Center in Downtown Los Angeles.

"We are not expecting opening statements or evidence to be heard until early May."
It is suspected that the Illinois native and serial killer could have been responsible for the deaths of almost 10 women.