Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Asks Questions, Valerie Joins Chase’s Quest, And Neil Has Concerns

Craig SjodinABC

Things are getting intense throughout Port Charles, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Tuesday’s show will be jam-packed with action. Ava is ready to lure Ryan back to Port Charles, but teasers suggest that she may not necessarily have the upper hand here. In addition, Kristina’s dedication to Dawn of Day will prompt additional questions and concerns.

The show shared a preview for Tuesday’s show via Twitter, and it contains plenty of hints about what’s ahead with the April 30 episode. Ava answered a mystery call as she was with Kevin, Felicia, and Mac — and it looks like this will be from an unknown caller, much like other recent instances.

Is this Ryan calling her? It seems likely, but it doesn’t look like viewers will get a definite answer quite yet.

SheKnows Soaps details that this call will seem suspicious, but viewers will remember that some of the previous calls Ava had received were supposedly traced — and proven to be nothing concerning. However, fans can bet that Ava will be convinced that this call is from Ryan, whether it actually is or not.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, the situation involving Kristina will continue to cause a fair amount of drama. Chase and Valerie will talk about secretly investigating in hopes of finding Kristina, even though they were told by Margaux to drop it.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Valerie will tell Chase she’s in agreement with his plan, and teasers suggest that she will connect with Krissy soon. As Chase and Valerie move forward with their investigation, Neil will talk with Sonny and Alexis about the current state of things.

Kristina has wavered as this intervention has played out, but General Hospital spoilers reveal that Neil will need to talk to her parents about a new complication. The buzz has been that Neil will have some success in coaxing Krissy away from her dedication to Dawn of Day. However, it seems she’ll also struggle and backslide to an extent.

The Inquisitr noted that Finn will approach Elizabeth to ask about Hayden, and this tidbit has fans buzzing. Will Finn finally find out that Hayden was still pregnant when she left Port Charles? It seems likely that Liz will say she hasn’t talked with her sister lately, but mentioning Hayden’s name is surely a signal of something on the way in terms of storyline.

General Hospital spoilers also share that Tuesday’s show will have more with Shiloh and Sam, and she’ll be scrambling to cover for the fact that she was snooping through the DoD records. In addition, as The Inquisitr shared, Curtis will push for answers in his investigation in Niagara Falls — and Stella will rush to help an unconscious Jordan.

It sounds as if there will be quite a bit to keep track of during this episode airing on Tuesday. General Hospital spoilers hint that it’s going to be a pretty crazy week, one filled with twists and turns, and fans won’t want to miss any of what’s ahead.