Grooveshark enters the music widgets space

Duncan Riley

Online music on demand service Grooveshark has entered the music widgets space, with customizable embedded music widgets.

The new widgets allow anyone to take songs on Groooveshark and create an embeddable widget for their blog. The widgets don't have streaming limits like similar widgets from Rhapsody, and the widgets are ad free.

Customization is where Grooveshark's widgets shine. Users can include one song, or complete playlists in a widget. More importantly though is the ability to color and size the widget to suit. Not only is the customization interface on of the nicest and best thought out interfaces I've seen in a long time, you can tweak you widget to suit you site. Some other sites offer limited customization, or none at all, where as Grooveshark is in a world of its own here.

Also announced today is the ability to users to upload their songs directly to Grooveshark without a download client. This allows Grooveshark users to have a "take in anywhere" style online music service.

We last wrote about Grooveshark when they launched a Pandora style service in August. Along with autoplay music, and music on demand, Grooveshark offers a huge depth of legal, quality controlled music, that delivers a service superior to other sites that don't host music locally, or have question marks around their legality. If you're thinking of embedding a song in the future, be sure to visit Grooveshark.