Ana Cheri Goes Braless, Flashes Major Underboob And String Panties On Instagram

Ana CheriInstagram

Ana Cheri is back on Instagram.

On April 30, the California native updated her account. It comes with plenty of eye contact and very little clothing – precisely what fans seem to want. The snap shows Ana standing outdoors. A woven wicker chair with cushions and leafy plants form the background. Popping against them, Ana’s full-frontal physique is sending fans the world’s tiniest set of panties (and the world’s healthiest flashing of underboob).

Today’s outfit is all-black save the white Fashion Nova print on Ana’s cropped tee. Black panties with double string waistbands come with both sheer and lace features, although the top is more opaque. It’s also completely braless. With her tattoos on show and her mouth slightly open, Cheri is coming off a tad provocative today.

Wishing her fans a “great Tuesday,” Ana makes the most of her caption to ask for a “like” and direct message “to a friend.” Given that this girl has 12.2 million Instagram followers, she likely has plenty of her own friends. Cheri is CEO of her own fitness line, a 1stPhorm ambassador, and a promo girl for CBD brand Ignite. She’s also been in the business of advertising for a while. Back in 2015, Ana topped The Sun’s list of models “[cashing] in” from Instagram’s endorsement potential.

Likewise, testimony to Ana’s establishment is her following. Ana’s Instagram is followed by Rob & Chyna star and high-profile model Blac Chyna. Fellow models Tammy Hebrow, Eriana Blanco, and Sara Underwood also keep tabs on Ana’s account.

Performance-wise, Instagram models tend to see higher engagement when posting videos. Something about the real-life setting proves more tangible for fans. Ana is happy to oblige, however, videos aren’t too frequent. The above one was posted last week. It showed this model suggestively tugging at her bikini briefs and playing with her hair. The video has been viewed over 2.3 million times.

With cleavage-flaunting bikini snaps, plenty of lingerie shots, and no fear of flashing the flesh, Cheri’s popularity doesn’t come as rocket science. The only thing proving less popular for this model are snaps not featuring her. An April Instagram update showing high-protein cookies and their recipe received under 14,000 likes. The figure is modest compared to Ana’s overall average. Swimwear snaps from Cheri can easily rack up close to 500,000 likes.

Despite being more-than-established, Ana appears to keep up with Hollywood’s elite. Her Instagram account follows Kylie Jenner and Cardi B. It likewise follows Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – this one is likely fitspo for this health-conscious model.