‘OutDaughtered’ Season 4 Premiere Date Revealed By TLC, Busby Family Back With New Episodes Soon

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The TLC hit show OutDaughtered has been on hiatus for a while, but a premiere date for Season 4 has just emerged. Fans have been especially anxious for these new episodes because they know the family had to move rather suddenly a few months ago and that specifics will be shared during the upcoming season.

People shares that new episodes of OutDaughtered will begin airing on TLC on Tuesday, June 11. Spoilers tease that there is a lot to look forward to in Season 4 and a supersized sneak peek reveals a few details.

Viewers will get to watch the Busby quintuplets celebrate Christmas, test boundaries, and push one another’s buttons. Parents Danielle and Adam will face some challenges with Riley and her spirited behavior as well as face questions about Parker’s reserved nature, all while trying to balance the needs of the other quints and older sister Blayke.

The preview also teases the big development that OutDaughtered fans saw play out to a degree via social media. In the midst of the holiday season, the Busby family suddenly moved. Their original house was found to have a significant issue of some nature; one that forced Danielle and Adam to relocate quickly to ensure the kids didn’t end up with health problems.

Danielle can be seen in the preview showing some stress, noting that nobody puts their house on the market during the holidays. The OutDaughtered star will worry that they’ll never find a house that fits their needs and soon, another twist is thrown into the mix.

Adam will mention a great job offer, but it comes with a big catch: The family would need to move to Atlanta. This adds to Danielle’s level of stress, and viewers will need to tune in to see how it all gets worked out for the family. However, based on recent social media posts, it appears the Busby crew has decided to stay in Texas.

As The Inquisitr shared previously, the OutDaughtered family had previously confirmed that they were continuing to film and that another season would air at some point. Adam and Danielle promised that they would go into great detail regarding the sudden house change, and the preview shows just a few tidbits of how serious and chaotic the issues were.

Despite the chaos the Busby family went through over the holidays with their sudden move, it looks like everybody has settled in fairly well at this point. Now that TLC has revealed that Season 4 will debut on Tuesday, June 11, fans know that they won’t have to wait too much longer to get caught up on all the OutDaughtered family has been up to since Season 3 wrapped up last October.