Padma Lakshmi, 48, Shows Some Serious Skin In Low-Cut Bra, Leggings In Sexy New Workout Video

Stephen LovekinGetty Images

Only celebrities like Padma Lakshmi can make working out look so good.

While the television personality likes to flood her Instagram account with photos from various events where she is dressed to the nines, she also keeps it real with fans by posting workout videos. In her most recent post, the 48-year-old hits the Mendez Boxing Gym for an intense sweat session but still manages to look amazing during her grueling workout.

The short clip starts off with Lakshmi using all of her strength to flip a tire across the gym. The Indian-born model looks stunning in a low cut black sports bra that shows off plenty of cleavage for the camera. She pairs the tiny bra with two-toned and skintight leggings with one leg appearing to be all black and the other a gray color.

Following the tire flip, Padma takes a stab at boxing and is seen repeatedly hitting a single boxing weight with her hands, which are clad in pink gloves. She then moves back over and flips the tire a few more times before doing a few push-ups on the tire and then calling it day. Lakshmi goes over to a fan and stands in front of it to cool off. All the while, her toned abs and arms are on display for viewers. The video ends with the actress falling down to the ground and taking a rest.

The short clip has earned the black-haired beauty lots of attention from her loyal followers with over 65,000 views in addition to nearly 200 comments. While many fans applauded the model for getting in an intense workout, countless others couldn’t help but gush over how amazing she looks.

“How in the he** do you workout like that & still look pretty?!!” one follower asked.

“What an amazing workout. You are an inspiration for me to get up n [sic] start exercising.”

“Clearly u need to be flipping a heavier tire girl…. makin it look easy,” another follower joked.

The Top Chef star recently opened up to Health magazine about her workout routine and health regimen, especially the detox that she does following the filming of the hit show. The model shares that she used to detox a little more but now, she doesn’t care as much as she used to because she doesn’t feel the need to be a size two.

“It’s no sweets, no red meat, no wheat, no alcohol, no fried food, no dairy except for cottage cheese or low-fat yogurt. But this is a milder version—like, I can fall off the wagon one day a week,” she told the publication.

Obviously, her routine is working because she still looks stunning.