‘Black Monday’ Renewed For Season 2 On Showtime

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Showtime’s surprise hit Black Monday was renewed for Season 2 after a first season thrilled viewers with a sequence of surprises, twists, and surprisingly campy performances from its lead actors. The series, which details the events leading up to the stock market crash of the late 1980s, recently aired its final show of the season.

TV Line reported that the series, starring Andrew Rannels, Don Cheadle, Regina Hall, Paul Scheer, Horatio Sanz, Yassir Lester, Casey Wilson, and Ken Marino, was greenlit for a second go-around on the cable network as it gained a slow and steady audience who were drawn into the surprising storylines.

Cheadle stars in the series as stock trader Maurice “Mo” Monroe, the head of a Wall Street firm that plays a key role in the infamous stock market crash of 1987. Hall co-stars as a fellow trader named Dawn, who shares a troubled past with Cheadle’s character. Rannells plays Blair, a newbie trader who is not as innocent as he appears to be.

TV Line reported that Showtime Entertainment President Gary Levine remarked of the series, “Black Monday mines big comedy from the greed, the style, the music, and the excess of the ’80s, but it’s also sneaky smart in its social commentary about that era — and indirectly, our current era as well.”

The series traveled back in time to October 19, 1987, also known as “Black Monday,” which was the worst stock market crash in the history of Wall Street.

There has never been any known cause as to why the market crashed that day. The series, however, puts its own spin on what could have happened. Black Monday focused on a group of misfits in the trading world who took on the decades-old boys club of Wall Street and broke the mold, effectively crashing the world’s financial system.

The series depicts the debauchery of the era, including Wall Street tycoons who drove flashy cars, partied all night, did copious amounts of cocaine and stepped into their era as the kings of their own universe until it all came crashing down.

Hall said to Variety that playing a female Wall Street trader who looked for a more meaningful life had its advantages, including showing how women were trying to advance their careers in the male-dominated and sexually charged environment of Wall Street in the 1980s.

“There were women [fighting for recognition] in the ’70s and ’80s before the Time’s Up movement. The reason we’re able to be here is that we’ve had women in positions who have been doing that before it was called a movement,” she said.

The second season of Black Monday will air on Showtime in 2020.