Jenelle Evans Reportedly Not Yet Filming For ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9B: Has She Been Fired?

John LamparskiGetty Images for Indonesian Diversity

While Jenelle Evans has appeared on Season 9 of Teen Mom 2, fans have noticed significantly less of her and that her scenes often take place outside of her home. This is because MTV will not film her segments around her husband, David Eason. With so much drama surrounding filming of Jenelle, some wonder if she will continue to appear on Teen Mom 2.

According to a new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, while the other cast members have started filming for Season 9B, Jenelle hasn’t filmed any scenes and it is unclear if she is going to or not. So, has the mom-of-three been let go from the reality television show that made her famous? According to the report, that’s not exactly the case. A source spoke to the site and explained the situation.

“Jenelle has not been filming for Season 9B like the other girls have. She has asked various producers when–and if– she will be continuing to film and they have blown her off basically and not given her a straight answer.”

The Ashley reports that Jenelle Evans had an important phone call with the vice president for MTV Networks last week, a phone call that reportedly only happens if there is a “big issue.” Of course, this led many to believe that perhaps Jenelle was being fired from the show. A production source explained to the site that rumors “have been circulating” among the producers since the recent Teen Mom 2 reunion that Jenelle would be fired. However, that wasn’t the outcome of the phone call.

“The people on the call told Jenelle that there would be new rules for her that she would have to follow going forward,” the source told The Ashley.

Reportedly, Jenelle also received an apology for an incident that occurred at the filming of the Teen Mom 2 reunion. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jenelle reportedly walked off stage during the taping after being confronted by the host about some online comments allegedly made by her husband. Jenelle explained that while she did get upset during her segment, it was because of Nessa, but that she continued to film with her mom, Barbara Evans.

While Jenelle hasn’t been fired, The Ashley explains that there is “much more” to the story. Reportedly, some of the production crew members are refusing to film Jenelle which could make getting footage of her for Season 9B tricky.

There has been plenty of drama surrounding Jenelle on the new season of Teen Mom 2. While the filming difficulties have been just one aspect, viewers also watched as she set fire to a gift sent from her from castmate Kailyn Lowry. Kail sent the gift to Jenelle as a way to make peace, but Jenelle instead set the gift on fire and posted a video of her doing so to social media. The footage was later played on an episode of Teen Mom 2.

Cast member Briana DeJesus recently tweeted that she was filming for new episodes and asked fans what they would like to see. While it is clear filming is underway for most of the cast, Jenelle Evans has not yet reportedly started filming and while she hasn’t been fired from the show, it is unclear when filming for her will begin.

Fans can catch all-new episodes of Teen Mom 2 Monday nights on MTV.