Bruce Jenner Wears Dress: Paparazzi Photograph Bruce Wearing Dress

Bruce Jenner was photographed wearing a dress at his Malibu home this week. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star isn't set to officially announce his sex change plans until Friday, when an interview he gave to Diane Sawyer will air.

The photos, which were first posted by the New York Daily News, show Jenner with his long flowing hair standing outside of his Malibu mansion wearing a floor length black and white striped dress. The revealing photos also show Bruce with a much larger chest just days after rumors surfaced that he had a breast augmentation surgery as a part of his transition.

TMZ reports that the Diane Sawyer interview will likely cover all the unanswered questions bout Bruce Jenner's sex change, reveal his future as a woman, and be a final farewell to Bruce. Jenner wearing a dress signifies that he is ready to begin his life as a woman and may actually start to appear in public as a female.

Other rumors circulating gossip that Bruce could possibly appear on Dancing With The Stars after his transition, where he would be put into an array of dresses and female wardrobe. However, Jenner may just want to live his life as a woman in peace without the media circus following him. However, due to his close relationship with the Kardashian family, that probably won't be an option for Bruce.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Bruce Jenner wearing a dress on his private property was invaded by paparazzi who allegedly used camera lens made to shoot photos from very far away, which are illegal if using them to photograph people on their property. Jenner called the police when he realized he was being photographed.

"[Bruce Jenner] called because he was concerned and uncomfortable about the number of paparazzi at his home. We talked to [Bruce] and we talked to the paparazzi and we determined that there was no crime. Everything is ok. Two cars going up there is standard. They spoke to both [Jenner] and the paparazzi and then left."
Unfortunately for Bruce, the photos of him wearing a dress were still leaked to the media and found themselves being circulated online the next day. It seems that Jenner is going to have to have a thick skin if he wants to go public with his sex change plans.

What are your thoughts on the photos of Bruce Jenner wearing a dress?

[Photo Credit: ABC]