Braless Lyna Perez Flashes Eye-Popping Cleavage In ‘Goddess’ Instagram Update

Lyna PerezInstagram

Instagram seems to have decided Lyna Perez is a “goddess” today.

On April 29, the busty model sent her fans another update. It comes in two parts; however, both appear to be sending out the same outfit and the same message. Lyna’s Monday seems to be about flashing the braless underboob (and isn’t holding back).

The girl whose bio introduces her as “basically [living] in a bikini” might not be donning her favorite swimwear item, but she’s embracing plenty of things affiliated with it. Firstly, there’s the sun-drenched setting. Lyna is shot outdoors and she’s bathed in sunlight. Her plant-backed couch setting doesn’t rule out a pool being nearby, although no water is visible. Second, and likely responsible for the comments, is Lyna’s outfit. Yellow and white-striped briefs here could double up as bikini bottoms. However, the matching cut-off top eliminates the possibility of today’s look being a swimming two-piece. Nothing is eliminating the cleavage exposure, though.

Comments quickly poured in. One fan left their thoughts.

“Ok my luv you know you r my CUBAN GODDESS!!! you look AMAZING IN both.”

Lyna had used her caption to ask which of the two looks her fans preferred. It also asked whether she should “drop” her private Snapchat next month. Lyna has 3.8 million Instagram followers.

While the above-quoted fan didn’t seem able to pick a preferred look, he did manage to launch some confusion over Perez’s nationality. The Inquisitr has previously reported Lyna to be American. The “Cuban” comment was followed up by a reply in Spanish – this user wanted to know if Lyna is really Cuban or born in the U.S. Given the overall feedback from today’s post though, Lyna’s fans do not appear too fussed where she hails from. Her nationality does, however, remain somewhat unclear.

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Who's going to let me ruin their life?????

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With a penchant for playful and eye-popping updates, Perez has now amassed a strong following. The days of having a modest Instagram fanbase are long over for this model – Perez has made her mark. Perhaps the best testimony to this are the celebrity faces following Lyna. Cardi B follows her. Likewise, fellow models, Eriana Blanco and Sveta Bilyalova.

Today’s Snapchat question seems to have spiked particular interest in Perez. One fan replied saying that they would “subscribe.” Interestingly, the user leaving this comment appears to be female. Another voiced slight concern – “Don’t get burnt,” they wrote, adding that Lyna should be wearing “50 plus sun screen [sic].” They then offered to apply the lotion.

Going braless and flashing that underboob seems to be working for this model today. The snap had racked up over 78,000 likes within three hours of being posted.