‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Sneak Peek Teases Painful Moments Ahead As Oscar’s Death Nears

Craig SjodinABC

Viewers didn’t see anything related to Oscar during Monday’s episode of General Hospital. However, spoilers coming from the weekly sneak peek indicate that the dying teen will be front-and-center over the course of the next few episodes and this is going to be a rough few days.

As The Inquisitr previously noted, the episode airing on Wednesday, May 1, will be focused entirely on Oscar and his loved ones. Now, a preview posted to the show’s Twitter page gives some additional glimpses into what some of these last moments will look like.

Last week, Oscar was lounging outside at the Quartermaine mansion, soaking up the sunshine and fresh air for as long as he could. However, The Inquisitr has detailed that he’ll soon move to a bedroom inside the mansion as his condition worsens and his loved ones will be right by his side.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that there will be a gathering of sorts at Charlie’s and Oscar will talk with Josslyn and others about how much he cares about all of them. At this point, Oscar is still able to stand, but it looks like that won’t be the case for much longer.

It looks likely that this gathering at Charlie’s will be a powerful and emotional one as Oscar takes this opportunity to essentially say goodbye. After that, it appears that he’ll be slipping away rather quickly and will float in and out of consciousness at the mansion.

Josslyn won’t want to leave Oscar’s side and the sneak peek shows that she’ll struggle to hide her sorrow in front of her beau. Kim and Drew will be right there too, and General Hospital spoilers note that Kim will allow herself to lean on Drew for support.

Kim will note that Oscar is fighting this disease with everything he’s got and everybody will still be hoping for a miracle of some kind. Unfortunately, it looks like Oscar will have very little quality time left and viewers will surely gulp as they watch Joss try to tell Oscar she loves him one more time.

Cameron will struggle to see his friend like this, but after Josslyn pushed him to step up it looks like he’ll try to keep his pain private for now. He’ll be seen in a corner of a room, sinking to the floor as he’s overcome with emotion.

SheKnows Soaps details that Oscar will be surrounded by support as he navigates these last days. Trina will be around, helping Cameron and sharing love with Oscar, and Terry will be nearby to keep the family informed. Ned, Olivia, Monica, Julian, and others will also do what they can to help.

General Hospital spoilers have not pinpointed exactly when this Oscar storyline will move into the next phase, although it does seem to be reaching a crescendo soon. Stay tuned for additional teasers as they emerge and get the hankies ready for the powerful moments that are on the way.