Tarsha Whitmore Busts Out Of Eye-Popping Lacy Lingerie, ‘Got Me Weak’

Tarsha Whitmorehttps://www.instagram.com/p/BtF5oWxHold/

Tarsha Whitmore is heating Instagram up again.

The Australian model updated her account with a photo of an intimate setting which sees Tarsha standing amid cream-colored drapes. The background sheets suggest this bombshell may be in her bedroom. Engagement on this photo is likely due to the foreground, however. In an eye-popping display, Tarsha is wearing a lacy black bodysuit that isn’t leaving much to the imagination. High-cut at the waist and low-cut at the chest, Tarsha’s all-in-one getup is racy, daring, and sufficiently sheer to show fans a healthy flash of cleavage.

Tarsha’s long-curled hair is falling over her shoulders, and very well-placed – it isn’t blocking any cleavage. With a sultry, yet pensive expression, the sun-kissed model is looking right at the camera. Despite a pose pointing towards confidence, Tarsha’s caption suggests that her outfit has gotten her “weak.” Comments seem to be echoing this.

“Can’t deal,” a fan shared her thoughts on the image.

Today isn’t the first head-turning update from Whitmore. Last week, her dazzling-blue bikini selfie racked up enough interest to be covered by The Inquisitr. Today also marks a jump in Tarsha’s Instagram following, albeit a modest one. This time last week, Tarsha had 424,000 followers. Her following now sits at a higher 428,000.

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Got me weak ???? bodysuit: @fashionnova

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Instagram is digging something about the lesser-known models right now. While superstar faces like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have followings of 109 and 47.4 million respectively, the interest in unknown faces is mounting. Tarsha’s effect as an influencer has yet to see her promote mega-brands like Adidas or La Perla, but this girl is already an ambassador. Her Instagram bio points towards her partnership with clothing brand, Oh Polly. It likewise suggests a healthy enough budget to have her traveling to both Morocco and Ibiza over the next month.

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Love where I live... ????❤️

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With a feed largely dedicated to showcasing ample assets and voluptuous curves, the logic behind Tarsha’s rising popularity is simple — beachy or poolside snaps that show her in itsy-bitsy bikinis, underboob-flashing tops, and cleavage-flaunting dresses. Many come with a Fashion Nova mention. The affordable clothing brand is given endless shout-outs by collaborating models on Instagram. At the upper echelon, Fashion Nova co-creates collections with major celebrities such as Cardi B’s collection, which sold out “immediately,” per Vox.

Tarsha has a way to go before reaching fame on Cardi B’s level. Nonetheless, with a steady stream of figure-flaunting snaps and the Instagram-perfected “look,” this girl is set to go far. Tarsha’s Instagram is followed by fellow models, Tammy Hebrow, Eriana Blanco, and Jazmyne Wardell.