Nina Dobrev Shows Off Stunning Legs In Playful Red Swimsuit

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

Nina Dobrev looks like she’s having a blast hanging out in the sunshine at the pool. The former Vampire Diaries star posted a playful image on Instagram showing her stunning long legs while splashing about in the water wearing a red paisley swimsuit.

In the photo, the actress is riding an inflated white unicorn with rainbow hair in an aqua water-filled pool under a blue sky while surrounded by her pals. The 30-year-old also donned a pink backpack and a straw cowboy hat to finish off her splashy look.

Dobrev is clearly taking some time to have a little fun. She recently posted a series of photos showing her and her friends having a blast at Coachella and the country music festival Stagecoach. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the actress showed up for the latter festival in a cleavage-bearing denim dress and comfy-looking cowboy boots.

At Coachella, she showed off her legs again in a tiny pair of daisy duke shorts and a tie-dye shirt for her 17.7 million followers.

For her latest post, she captioned the image with a playful quip about unicorns being able to walk on water as she points her fingers into the air at the top of her head in the imitation of a “magic” unicorn.

It hasn’t been all fun and games for the actress, though. Dobrev recently opened up with Variety about her career. She tells the outlet that she is tired of getting offered vampire-based scripts after her six-season run on The Vampire Diaries. She says that she has to fight against stereotypes and is looking for the opportunity to do something different.

The actress says she is a particular fan of shows like HBO’s Big Little Lies.

“That finale episode was so powerful, especially because of the journey that all of those characters had gone on up until that point,” Dobrev said. “I think that it was a perfect episode all around. Everything got wrapped up, the questions were answered, all of the characters found resolve, other than Perry (Alexander Skarsgård), but that’s OK. We don’t want him to have resolve.”

She says that she is excited to see what unfolds on the show in the next season.

“I cannot wait for next season,” she said. “That bond and that womanhood is something that’s really strong. It’s great that we’re seeing it translated on film and in life and that it was right before the [#MeToo] movement, but the timing could not have been better.”