Laura Wright & Wes Ramsey Celebrate Second Anniversary, ‘General Hospital’ Lovebirds Make Folks Swoon

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital stars Laura Wright and Wes Ramsey just celebrated a fun anniversary as a couple over the weekend. They have now been dating for two years, and both stars took a moment to acknowledge the significant date via their respective social media pages.

Those who have been following this couple on social media for a while now know that Laura and Wes have been dating since before he even joined the cast of General Hospital. Their characters of Carly and Peter really never interact in the land of Port Charles, but it’s clear that off-screen this romance is on fire.

In honor of his second anniversary of being with Wright, Ramsey shared a selfie showing the two together to his Instagram page. Wes added a poetic caption filled with praise for his gal and the life they lead together, and fans flocked to the post to share their well-wishes with the couple.

In addition, several fellow General Hospital co-stars commented, too. Kirsten Storms (Maxie) noted that it was a great picture, and Finola Hughes (Anna) added that she loved the two of them.

Laura herself commented on Wes’ post saying that she was grateful for him, and Eden McCoy (Josslyn) added a crying emoji as she said the post was amazing. Briana Henry (Jordan) simply added an emoji to show her love.

Over the weekend, Wright shared a couple of posts honoring this second anniversary with her beau. She shared several shots on Instagram from when this all apparently kicked into gear, noting that she ran into him at an Emmy party two years ago. McCoy, who plays Carly’s daughter Joss on-screen, commented that this is what true love looks like.

Wright later shared another Instagram post that included a shot from the couple’s first date together two years ago. Laura added a handful of hashtags noting many of the things she loves doing with Ramsey, and she included several selfies the two have taken during their time together.

Given Laura’s love for Wes and the surprising on-air pregnancy for her character Carly, some General Hospital fans started to speculate that she might be pregnant in real life. As The Inquisitr detailed not long ago, Wright has debunked that one and insists she’s not expecting another child.

This past year has been a very difficult one in many senses for Wright. The Inquisitr detailed that Laura has had to say goodbye to both her mother and father as they both passed away within the past few months. However, Wes has been right by her side, and it looks like this duo is doing quite well.

What does the future hold for the pairing of General Hospital stars Laura Wright and Wes Ramsey? The couple seems to be quite happy with where things stand at this point, and fans will be anxious to see what comes for the duo next.