50 Cent Reportedly Earns $300,000 For 'Fofty' T-Shirts, Almost A Third Of What Randall Emmett May Owe Him

If anyone knows how to earn a dollar, it's 50 Cent.

To provide just one example, the rapper -- real name Curtis Jackson -- has apparently earned $300,000 from t-shirt sales in less than 24 hours, according to The Blast. This new venture was spawned by the rapper's feud with his former friend, Randall Emmett. The Lone Survivor producer allegedly owes 50 Cent $1 million from a private loan, and the Get Rich or Die Tryin' rapper is through waiting. The feud has been playing out on Instagram, with the rapper also calling out Randall's fiancee, Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent.

One of the most popular recent posts from 50 Cent is an image of Randall taking a selfie with the rapper in the background. 50 Cent titled the image "Money By Monday, Randall." Shortly afterwards, the rapper shared a design of a new t-shirt in a different post, one which featured an iPhone text message display.

One text, which is suggested to have come from Randall, says "I'm sorry FOFTY." 50 Cent's presumed response reads simply, "1,000,000." "Fofty," of course, began trending after the rapper shared screen shots of texts with Randall wherein the producer spelled 50 Cent's stage name wrong several times. Fans on social media were absolutely loving the typo, and "#fofty" has become quite the popular hashtag on various platforms.

The "In Da Club" rapper confirmed he had made a pretty penny from the t-shirts when he shared The Blast's article on his Instagram feed. 50 Cent laughed that he likes this whole "fofty" thing, and said he earned the $300,000 in just a few hours. The shirts are sure to continue bringing in the bucks, as many Instagram users began asking where they could get the merchandise. The shirts are selling for $32.99 on Jackson's personal website, and there are several styles to choose from at this time.

The new group of t-shirts is known as the "She Aint Got It" line, and there are eight different styles to choose from. Other shirts read "I'M SORRY FOFTY," "1,000,000 I'M SORRY FOFTY" and "The law is the law."

After the feud started, Jackson commented that Randall had sent him $250,000 -- just a small chunk of the $1 million the producer allegedly owes to 50 Cent. The fact that Jackson claims to have earned $300,000 in just a few hours, a larger sum than Randall's first payment, was quite hilarious to a lot of Instagram users following the feud.

Now that Monday is here, many are glued to social media to get the latest updates from 50 Cent, wondering if Randall is actually going to pay up. The biggest question remains, however. What will happen if 50 Cent doesn't get the other $750,000 he is allegedly owed?