Tammy Hembrow Boasts About Her ‘Natural Booty’ In Flashy Sleepwear Snap

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Instagram model Tammy Hembrow isn’t one to keep her gym-honed booty covered from her millions of followers. The mom-of-two and gym buff took to Instagram this morning to show off her racy pink pajamas, while also leaving a pointed comment about her “natural booty.”

In the sexy snap, the model has her side facing the mirror as she captures the photo. Her followers can clearly see her barely-covered tanned backside and sculpted legs, while she has her long blonde hair pinned up in a messy bun. The pink, fuzzy, long-sleeved, buttock-bearing pajama onesie contrasts beautifully with her darkened skin as she completes the look with long, turquoise-painted fingernails and sultry black mascara. As she gazes towards the camera, she pouts sexily for her followers.

Hembrow’s caption, which was followed by a peach and hand-clapping emoji, claps back at rumors that her perfectly rounded backside is the result of plastic surgery instead of hard work at the gym.

According to The Daily Mail, the model has spoken out about the butt-implant accusations, saying that it is “frustrating” to hear the negative comments, especially when they aren’t true.

“I don’t want people to think they can’t achieve a booty with hard work,” she said.

She added that her figure is the result of hard work in the gym and a strict, healthy diet.

Despite the naysayers, Hembrow has 9.4 million Instagram followers, most of whom find her to be an inspiration and mentor. The photo, which reached almost 100,000 likes in just one hour, received many comments complimenting the model on her killer body and sexy pajamas.

One user left a comment that read, ” i absolutely adore you and you are my number 1 role model and you are the most beautiful woman in the world,” while another complimented her, “You make everything look so good, pretty in pink.”

Other followers wanted to know where Hembrow bought the pink jammies, hoping to buy a matching outfit.

Yet another Instagram user acknowledged Hembrow’s clap back at the rumors that she had her booty professionally sculpted.

“Lol Tammy has me laughing on the daily when she claps back at these haters.”

Hembrow added a short video to the racy snap, twirling for the camera and highlighting the pink pajamas that emphasized her backside. Her followers loved the mini-show that she put on, as she swung her hips from side to side and gazed alluringly at the camera.