Tattoo Leads Police To Naked Lingerie Robber

A naked lingerie robber’s tattoo led to his arrest on Friday, according to Davenport, Iowa police.

The man is accused of breaking into a lingerie store last week where he stripped naked, tried on women’s clothing, and stole merchandise. The bizarre incident was captured on security surveillance video, including a clear shot of the tattoo on the robber’s back.

The Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier writes that Davenport police arrested Jose Angel Perales Jr, 24, on Friday. He has been charged with third-degree counts of burglary and theft in connection to the alleged lingerie store break-in.

According to police records, surveillance video obtained from Dr. John’s Lingerie Boutique show a man entering the store through an unlocked door at 4:10 am on February 17.

The document alleges that the man browsed the boutique’s merchandise before entering a manager’s office.

When the man returned to the sales floor, he was reportedly naked and proceeded to spend roughly two hours trying on several articles of women’s clothing.

According to The Daily Mail, the man eventually selected a blond wig and dress from the store’s merchandise. He donned the clothing and exited the store with several additional stolen items, as indicated by police records.

A tattoo across the naked lingerie robber’s back was clearly captured by the security video during the escapade. Authorities were able to identify the tattoo as reading “Perales” in old English lettering.

A subsequent search of Iowa’s mug shot database led Davenport straight to Jose Perales. In a search of the Iowa man’s residence, police reportedly recovered an unspecified amount of merchandise from Dr. John’s Lingerie Boutique.

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