Kate Middleton & Prince William’s Wedding Photographer Talks Royal Wedding Secrets On Their 8th Anniversary

Christopher FurlongGetty Images

Kate Middleton and Prince William were honored by Kensington Palace on their eighth wedding anniversary with a touching photo and caption remembering the first royal wedding from the House of Windsor that featured one of the sons of the late Princess Diana.

The Kensington Palace Instagram posted thanks from the royal couple for their fans’ well-wishes as the twosome quietly celebrated their anniversary with their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

A photographer who documented the event revealed to Town & Country Magazine that some of the most iconic photos of the couple from their special day almost didn’t happen due to a stunning turn of events.

Royal wedding photographer Hugo Burnand was Tatler Magazine‘s society photographer for more 20 years and served as the official photographer at Prince William’s father, Prince Charles, and Camilla Parker-Bowles’ wedding ceremony in 2005. Burnaud revealed to the publication that one day after he and his family had their most personal items stolen while traveling in South America, including all his photography equipment, he received a call from Parker-Bowles asking if he was available for a “big date” in April 2011.

Burnand knew of the pending royal nuptials and remarked to Town & Country that he “thought it be a shame to miss out on photographing the future king of England’s wedding and the future King of England who would be there too.”

The photographer also revealed that the image’s settings were far from spontaneous. Burnand and his group spent three weeks organizing what the couple wanted and the official photos that would be approved by the palace. Three days before the wedding, he and his team set up their equipment at Buckingham Palace, inside the Throne Room.

Hilariously, he revealed that there were dress rehearsals to time how long the photos would take with staff from the palace to fill in for the royal family, as the family was on a tight schedule that day with many official duties to perform before they could relax and enjoy themselves.

The photographer used jelly beans to “bribe” the younger members of the royal wedding party to sit still for the photos, reported T&C, and as it turned out, the entire family, and not just the children, was found snacking on the sugary treats.

In the eight years since the couple married they have welcomed three children and continued the work begun by William’s mother, the late Princess Diana, who looked towards a more hands-on approach to being a member of the royal family, regularly interacting with admirers and devoting themselves to charitable causes that could potentially make a big impact in the world.

Despite rumors to the contrary which recently had the prince linked to a woman in an alleged extramarital affair, Prince William and Kate Middleton maintain a happy and united front for the British people.

The Inquisitr recently reported that William was linked to Rose Hanbury, a woman from the Windsors’ inner circle.