Suge Knight Wanted By Police After Missing Court

Suge Knight has certainly seen his share of headlines over the years. The music mogul has been implicated in everything from the murder of Tupac to claiming that Tupac might actually still be alive.

Because of Knight’s antics, its not hard to believe that Los Angeles police are out looking for him. The fact that TMZ is reporting that a judge has issued bench warrants over not showing up for court isn’t all that surprising.

What Suge Knight was supposed to show up for court, for might raise a few eyebrows. It turns out that Knight was apparently due in court over a couple of incidents when was caught driving on a suspended license.

According to Cinema Blend, Knight was scheduled to appear on Thursday over two separate incidents of driving illegally. He never showed and bench warrants were issued. Suge Knight was first busted in 2011 for driving on a suspended license and given three years of unsupervised probation.

Knight was then busted in 2012 for once again driving without a valid license. The Thursday court appearance was apparently in regards to both cases. Most in the know believe this appearance would have been nothing more than assigning Knight some community service time but the mogul has managed to make this harder on himself than it had to be.

Once Knight didn’t show up for court, the judge immediately issued two bench warrants. One of the warrants is worth $5,000 and the other is worth $30,000. Because of Knights past problems with the law, its a safe bet that the police will be looking for him a bit closer than they would the usual court skipper.

While the warrant for Suge Knight was issued several days ago, there has been no comment from Knight’s camp on what he plans to do about his latest legal troubles.