Instagram Model Natalie Gauvreau Goes Topless In White Mini & Boots

Natalie GauvreauInstagram

Instagram model Natalie Gauvreau seems to have a penchant for going topless. The blonde bombshell recently shared a photo where she served up some derriere and underboob on her kitchen counter.

There’s a reason Gauvreau goes by the moniker of “Sexy Nat G” and her 3.7 million followers seem to agree with this sentiment. In fact, this particular day-old image has already racked up more than 153,000 views as her fans stream in to view her gorgeous frame. Over 3,000 followers were also brave enough to comment on the naughty Instagram pic. One fan couldn’t contain his excitement and left her a rather lavish compliment.

“Your (sic) much to (sic) famous so I don’t really think you’re going to respond to my comments about all your pics but I’ll say it over and over again!! You are simply the most beautiful woman I have ever seen top to OMG to bottom perfect in every way.”

As he predicted, Gauvreau did not respond to his comment but her other fans continued to gush.

Gauvreau wore the bare minimum. This tactic has certainly worked for the blonde in the past and she decided to stick to the formula of “less means more.” The blonde bombshell wore a form-fitting white miniskirt that barely covered her backside. In fact, there were no tell-tale panty lines beneath the skirt which could indicate that the Instagram model chose to go commando beneath the skirt.

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In need of a good frisking ????

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The social media personality wore one of her favorite accessories for the photo: a sexy pair of thigh-high boots. The no-fuss come-hither boots echoed her wicked caption which read “In need of a good frisking.”

To emphasize her dire need for a body-search, Gauvreau leaned forward against the counter with her hands splayed out in front of her. She thrust her booty backward while giving the photographer a sultry grin.

“Sexy Nat G” decided went for a natural look in this particular image. She defined her eyes with a brown pencil, applied some blush, and wore a barely-there lip gloss. Gauvreau wore her hair in a middle path, with her straight, blonde locks cascading down her shoulders and back.

Gauvreau’s fans are certainly some of the most helpful people on the internet. She was inundated with offers to help with the body search. She could pick and choose from the hordes of offers. One user said, “I need to search her for weapons and contraband,” while another offered her his skills because he claimed to be “an expert frisker.”