April 29, 2019
WWE Rumors: Reasons Behind Lio Rush's Alleged Backstage Heat Revealed By 'Fightful'

With about half a week having passed since the Wrestling Observer Newsletter first reported on the alleged backstage issues surrounding Monday Night Raw wrestler Lio Rush, a subsequent update has offered more information on why Rush supposedly hasn't been getting along with his colleagues.

On Saturday night, Fightful cited several unnamed sources within the WWE in its report, which suggested that Rush has "repeatedly rubbed the locker room the wrong way" and claimed that the rest of the WWE roster has wanted the outspoken 24-year-old "out of the locker room" for some time.

Regarding the specifics of Rush's alleged backstage heat, Fightful's sources noted that his colleagues are reportedly upset over his insistence to have his wife join him backstage at "almost all times." In relation to this, the publication enumerated two instances where this caused trouble for Rush, starting with an incident that also involved reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor, who recently moved to SmackDown Live via this year's Superstar Shake-Up.

Regarding the Balor incident, Fightful wrote that it took place "months ago" and involved the more tenured WWE superstar telling relative newcomer Rush that WWE owner and chairman Vince McMahon probably won't be too keen on having his wife present for rehearsals. This prompted an "unfavorable" response from Rush, as word soon spread to the rest of the locker room, the outlet added.

The second alleged incident also forced management to intervene, as Rush purportedly upset other members of the WWE roster after telling them that he was hoping to land a reality show alongside his wife. With this issue in mind, the publication reiterated that there hasn't been any word about Rush's wife having similar backstage heat with her husband's in-ring colleagues.

All in all, Rush's backstage issues have reached a point where he, according to one of Fightful's sources, "would be very lucky to be back on the main roster any time soon, if ever."

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Newsletter wrote last week that Lio Rush did not appear on the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw because of alleged "internal heat" with his colleagues. Rush, who normally appears as Bobby Lashley's "hype man" and rarely gets to compete in the ring, released a statement on Twitter shortly after, where he said that people who may have read Meltzer's report might not "know the facts" and emphasized his passion for the business and the challenges he had to overcome in his road to becoming a WWE superstar.