Julianne Hough Shares Positive Message To Instagram Followers: ‘I Feel You. I’m With You’

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Julianne Hough habitually sends positive messages to her Instagram followers and took the opportunity to do so again for her latest timeline post.

The new America’s Got Talent judge, 30, posted a written social media message to her 4.5 million followers on Sunday. The post, which had a black background and white lettering, was for those who are “transcending” anything that no longer serves them. The message uses behavior, vibrations, and people as examples of what people can cut off during a certain season of their lives. Under the photo, Hough left a caption that allowed her fans to know that not only does she understand them, but she has also been where they are or are currently going.

“If you’re in it right now, I feel you. I’m with you. I support you in your growth,” the Dancing with the Stars alum wrote. “When we detach from what we know, from what’s comfortable, from what’s easy, we create the space for newer, better & bigger possibilities.”

Almost a week prior, the Safe Haven star shared a similar message to her followers to encourage them to stay strong while facing adversity. Hough posted a quote from actress Issa Rae which encourages people to create for themselves, rather than changing for the sake of fame. The post received more than 14,000 likes from Hough’s Instagram followers. The actress also received more than 80 comments from her fans.

“This is beautiful!!” one follower exclaimed.

“Needed this,” another chimed in.

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????: @brookslaich

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The multi-talented star has been vocal about her own struggles to find herself and to keep a positive outlook. People previously shared that before she would go on to become a two-time champion and host on Dancing with the Stars, she suffered from mental illness. While at the #WOW Wonder of Women Summit annual conference in Los Angeles, Hough revealed that she faced anxiety and depression at a young age. She also revealed that while she was in the throes of her illness, dance acted as a release for her.

“[Dance] actually breaks the barrier so you get confidence within yourself, and it’s for nobody else but you,” Hough said.

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Allow yourself to be open. ????

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The dancer was joined on the panel by Dr. Wendy Suzuki, a neuroscientist. Hough announced during the discussion that she and Suzuki are working together to discover the effects that dance has on the brain. Hough credits the activity as a crucial part of her daily routine to “activate” her body. She also stated that not using her phone for the first hour of the day helps to relieve her anxiety.