Johnny Depp’s Rumored Girlfriend, Polina Glen, Hides From Paparazzi In Russia Amid News Of Romance

John Phillips, Polina GlenGetty Images, Instagram

Johnny Depp’s reported new girlfriend, Polina Glen, is allegedly hiding out from paparazzi in Russia, reports The Daily Mail.

The 23-year-old dancer and choreographer was out in St Petersburg on Saturday, when her father Gennady, was said to have shouted “Polya run!” after spotting a journalist near the family’s home.

Depp was recently reported to be dating and living in his multimillion-dollar mansion with the former model, with a wedding planned for the near future.

Sources say Glen had returned to her hometown for a dance event earlier in the month.

While Glen was not willing to speak to the press, her father was, though not for very long. He said he had known of his daughter’s relationship since the beginning of last year and that it was very old information, but would not reveal much more than that.

“I will not give an interview without Polina’s permission. Her personal life is her own thing. So I cannot tell you about it.”

Glen was first pictured embracing Depp at a hotel in Belgrade, Serbia, earlier this year, and has also been spotting walking with him in a photo from May of 2018 when he was touring in Moscow with his band, The Hollywood Vampires.

A source claiming to be close to Glen said the two met at a party, and that she was unaware of who he was when he came over to introduce himself.

“He’s got legal issues with his ex-wife and then here’s this beautiful young Russian dancer, that doesn’t want anything and doesn’t even know who he is. The Russian girls don’t know him. They have no clue about actors and people always look different in person.”

Depp’s relationship with Glen is reportedly his first since the dissolution of his tumultuous marriage to actress Amber Heard.

Glen worked as a dancer at a St. Petersburg Nightclub called Nebar when she was 17-years-old. She was crowned Miss Nebar in 2012, winning a prize of 100,000 roubles and later opening her own dance school.

Contest judge and writer Alexander Tsypkin said Glen was an intelligent and clever girl, while a female friend praised her for going to university early, and studying and working at the same time without help from anyone else.

In St. Petersburg, a previous dance teacher was very complimentary, saying Glen was “always cool, beautiful, and confident,” as well as very hard-working. She added that she was an outstanding student because of her immense aptitude for hard work.