Lyna Perez’s Chest Is Barely Contained In Neon Green Bra Top In Hot New Post

Lyna PerezInstagram

Puerto Rican bombshell Lyna Perez is displaying her larger-than-life assets yet again on Instagram. The model, who rose to stardom solely from her NSFW Instagram feed, is known for showcasing her impressive figure online where she more often than not highlights her breasts.

Lyna’s newest post on Instagram shows the model spilling out of a neon green bra top, which she paired with a skirt of the same color. The bold green color paired perfectly with her enviable tan skin. Lyna wore her hair down and laid out on some concrete and leaned forward while crossing her legs as she looked off in the distance. The brunette opted for minimal makeup and a peach lipstick, which several of her followers asked the brand of in the comments section.

The model was in front of quite a picturesque scene on a beach, but that wasn’t what any of her followers were really looking at. Lyna tagged herself in San Juan in her home country on what appeared to be an extremely beautiful day. Despite there being some distance between herself and the ocean, it was still a breathtaking view.

In the new post, Lana asked her 3.8 million followers to guess what number she was thinking of. The model claimed she would direct message with anyone that got it right and even narrowed the field down to between one and 100. Lyna’s fans began guessing wildly, and she even responded to some by telling them no, while others she just ignored. For now, it’s not known if anyone has guessed her number and if she’s communicated with them.

Of course, guessing a number between one and 100 has nothing to do with the sexy new photo, but there weren’t many complaints in the comments section. Lyna’s followers are pretty dedicated to checking in on her feed and definitely show their appreciation with likes. The new photo, which has only been live for a few hours, currently has over 56,000 taps.

Many of the bombshell’s posts land her about 100,000 likes, and the more provocative the better. One of Lyna’s most popular photos was posted earlier this week, which received well over 200,000 likes, solely because her nipples were visible through a sheer, wet dress. At this time, Instagram has not removed the photo despite it tip-toeing around their guidelines. The site is probably used to it by now, since finding Lyna fully covered in clothing on her feed is impossible.