Former NBA Player Squatting In Foreclosed Home [Video]

Seattle, WA — Robert Swift has apparently overstayed his welcome.

The former NBA player refuses to leave his home even after it was foreclosed on by the bank and sold off to a new owner. The property went into foreclosure last summer.

Swift, who played for the NBA Seattle SuperSonics and the Oklahoma City Thunder and in Japan, pocketed somewhere in the range of $12 to $20 million in his basketball career, but has evidently fallen on hard times.

He paid about $1 million for the house an upscale Seattle suburb in 2006, but lost the place evidently after not keeping up with the mortgage payments. The new owner acquired the 6,000 square foot property for about 50 cents on the dollar but she hasn’t been able to move in because Swift won’t leave.

Robert Swift was Seattle’s first-round draft choice with the 12th overall pick right out of high school in 2004. Yahoo! Sports explains that Swift “was a favorite amongst several well-respected NBA GMs, but his game never found a groove and he last played in the NBA back in 2009.”

According to the Daily Mail, the home needs a lot of work:

“The garden is littered with empty Budweiser, Four Loko and Coors Light cans, while a sign attached to the front door reads ‘Danger men drinking.’

“A garage window has a bullet hole in it, while outside sit several cars which look like they haven’t moved in some time. One is missing a bonnet.”

KOMO News reports that is Swift, 27, has stayed beyond a court-ordered grace period, and if he doesn’t exit the premises by the end of the month, he will likely be forcibly removed by sheriff’s deputies. So it seems his departure is … not too swift.

[Top image credit: STB-1]