Twitch Model Amouranth Flaunts Flawless Decolletage In Barely-There Bra As Confetti Pours Over Her Cleavage


Those who spend any amount of time perusing streaming site Twitch will likely have heard of Amouranth, a streamer on the service who boasts one of the largest and most dedicated followings on the social media platform. Boasting over 1 million Twitch followers — and even more on Instagram — Amouranth has managed to leverage internet fame into major influencer status, cultivating a group of seriously amorous admirers who frequently tip her, subscribe to her, and support her in any way possible.

In her most recent Instagram video, Amouranth can be seen striking a coy and coquettish seated pose while wearing a revealing bra and panties set. She accessorizes her sexy yet playful look with a pair of fuzzy bunny ears and some delicate pink stockings, opting for a girlish aesthetic.

As a strange song plays over the video, Amouranth moves around erratically as a bowl of confetti is poured over her plunging cleavage, her expression often one of false shock. Her gyrating movements serve to emphasize the focal point of the proceedings — her enviable figure. Playing with the confetti — and sprinkling the multicolored bits all over her own fair decolletage — the Twitch streamer and Instagram influencer concludes the short clip by blowing some confetti towards the camera lens.

Asking a question of her fans and followers in the brief caption, it seems that — as per usual — Amouranth was more than content to let her body do the talking. Her admirers rarely seem to mind, and in this instance responded to the share by lavishing over 25,000 likes and nearly 900 comments on it in a matter of hours.

“What I enjoy the most on IG are cosplay girls and sweet cars,” one fan replied, having found at least the former in this Twitch streamer.

“Mine is taking home toilet paper from work,” a second supporter answered, drilling down into Amouranth’s question with some rare honesty.

“It looks adorably naughty, but didn’t that itch after a while?” a third devotee remarked of her short video clip, likely referring to the confetti getting into every imaginable crevice.

Amouranth — real name Kaitlyn Siragusa — has been making headlines most recently for dishing on how she deals with trolls. As Dexerto details, the playful vixen recounted a conversation between herself and her father wherein she revealed that she was frequently the target of “weirdos.”

“There’s weirdos messaging you?” the streamer recalled her father as asking. “Tell them your dad has seven guns ready to go,” he alleged advised his daughter.

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has been the center of as many controversies as any other popular internet idol, but if her fans have anything to say about it, she’ll only continue to grow in popularity.