April 28, 2019
Ireland Baldwin Rocks A Green Bikini On Instagram

Ireland Baldwin has been posting often on Instagram lately, which is great news for her fans. One of her recent posts showed her lying outside and soaking up the rays. Baldwin rocked a green bikini and sat on a patch of green grass while leaning back on her arms. She closed her eyes and tilted her head upwards, and looked serene. Her right hip was closest to the camera, which meant that her large flower tattoo was clearly visible. Behind her, you could see a patio area and wall-to-ceiling windows that looked into a house.

Unfortunately for Ireland, her caption about sunscreen was spotted by her mom.

Kim Basinger left a message letting Ireland know that "You always forget it... Or don 't [sic] put it on......ON PURPOSE."

The mom then went on to describe how she remembered running around the house when Ireland was little, trying to get the sunscreen on her. Fans loved Basinger's comment, with over 300 people liking it and some people leaving their thoughts on how "mom Love [sic] is the best." But that's not all, with over 19,000 fans liking the photo since it was posted yesterday.

Since then, Baldwin's shared another Instagram post of herself rocking a jean jumpsuit. The outfit had a strapless corset-like top, while the bottoms included flared jeans with a light white stripe down the middle of the pants.

The model accessorized with a pair of sunglasses and stood in a driveway or sidewalk with tons of palm trees visible in the backdrop. The second photo from the series showed Ireland from behind, as she appeared to be walking off while looking over her left shoulder.

Baldwin has enjoyed a successful career so far and described the parts of her earliest modeling memories with Genlux Magazine.

"At 16 I signed to IMG models. It was fun in the beginning, being able to travel…though it was also frustrating to see my friends excel in school and go on to the collegiate level of sports. I was envious of that, but I was traveling and meeting phenomenal people."
"My first shoot was an editorial for Elle magazine. That's the first shoot I worked with Joe Zee, whom I've worked with again and again. He's such great energy. I just love him. He was styling the shoot," she added when asked about her favorite photoshoot.

Only the best models get to start right off with a publication as large as Elle, but considering Ireland's natural talent it's no wonder that the magazine hired her.