‘Hottest Weather Girl Ever’ Yanet Garcia Flaunts World-Famous Booty, Does Deep Squats In Skintight Yoga Pants

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Perhaps one of the most famous Instagram influencers of our time, Mexican model and weather presenter Yanet Garcia has been on a steady roll as of late. Having been dubbed the “hottest weather girl ever” by TMZ, per YouTube — and also having been the subject of adoration for some time now amongst her 10 million-plus Instagram fans — it’s evident that Yanet has a very bright future ahead of her.

In her most recent upload, Yanet can be seen from the rear as she prepares for a bit of a workout. Booming dance music is laid over the video as Yanet proceeds to perform a series of squats, catching and throwing a large yellow ball against a nearby mirror as she does so. Clad in a skintight pair of stretchy camouflage yoga pants, which leave very little to the imagination, the Mexican model seems to know exactly which buttons to push — and angles to offer up — in order to captivate and enthrall her audience. Also on display in the clingy workout gear are Yanet’s famously sculpted thighs and long, slender legs.

Her iconic chestnut tresses are somewhat contained beneath a black baseball cap, with her long locks escaping and spilling about her shoulders and back in long, loose waves. She seems quite practiced when it comes to squats, barely missing a beat and catching the ball every time that it bounces back to her — except for the very last repetition of the act, where the ball falls short of its target.

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Sunday ????????

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In the caption attached to the brief clip, Yanet Garcia simply stated the day of the week and added a few popular emojis. Despite her clear preference to let her body do the talking for her, the Mexican weather girl’s fans didn’t seem to mind all that much. Indeed, social media users lavished over 100,000 likes and 1,000-plus comments on her most recent post in a matter of minutes.

“Booty day everyday Yass! [sic],” fellow Instagram model Linn Lowes enthused, adding a duo of celebratory emojis to the end of her remarks.

“A goddess perfect spectacular body perfect booty,” a second supporter on social media gushed.

“Not the smartest idea to throw that at the mirror,” a third user warned, perhaps worrying that the glass might crack or shatter.

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No matter what activity Yanet chooses to share with her army of devotees on any given day, it’s nearly a sure thing that she will be heavily applauded for it. From beach bikini shots to sweaty workout videos, the brunette beauty has become an Instagram queen — and doesn’t seem to be losing a step in the process, either.