#Fofty Goes Viral As Randall Emmett, 50 Cent Feud Heats Up Social Media

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

Randall Emmett’s typo during a frantic text to 50 Cent has spawned a hilarious hashtag on social media. The filmmaker, who was once good friends with the Grammy-winning rapper, is now in hot water, as 50 Cent has publicly demanded repayment for an alleged $1 million loan he gave Emmett six years ago.

The social media war started when 50 Cent posted a clip of Randall Emmett’s fiancée, Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent, boasting about how she received a Range Rover as a gift the day after her first hookup with the movie producer. In his post, 50 Cent called Kent a “hoe”, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Lala Kent fired back with a now-deleted video and post, prompting 50 Cent to take aim at Emmett, who is an executive producer on his Starz drama series, Power. In a brutal text exchange posted by 50 Cent, he demanded repayment for the $1 million loan by Monday.

Randall Emmett’s frantic texts showed him apologizing to 50 Cent and saying he was heading to the ER because he feared he was having a heart attack. In his frantic state, Emmett mistakenly typed the rap legend’s name as “Fofty” as he repeatedly told him he was sorry.

Social media is now having a field day with the rapper’s new “name.” The day after the feud broke out, 50 Cent even took to Twitter to address the typo.

“I’m about a dollar who the f**k is fofty cent #fofty,” the rapper wrote.

50 Cent also posted a meme to Instagram that featured Red Foxx from the classic TV comedy Sanford and Son— on the show, his character Fred Sanford faked a heart attack.

“You should have gave me my money,” 50 captioned the gif. “What the f**k is really going on LOL. And so now my name is Fofty. #fofty LOL”

Over the weekend, Randall Emmett’s Wikipedia page even briefly reflected the hilarious error, although it was quickly taken down.

Followers of the feud are now using the #fofty hashtag, as can be seen below. In addition, T-shirts have been made as some fans cash in on Randall Emmett’s mistake.

Randall Emmett has not posted about his explosive feud with 50 Cent on his own social media pages, and his Instagram comments have been turned off. Lala Kent has followed suit.

TMZ notes that after 50 Cent called him out, Randall Emmett immediately wired the rapper $250k of the million he says he owes him, but now the rapper and actor expects the $750,000 balance due to him this Monday after a six-year wait. Sounds like 50 is officially fed up.