Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Daughter-In-Law Jamie Chapman Denies Rumors She’s Splitting From Leland

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Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter’s” daughter-in-law Jamie Pilar Chapman denied rumors that she and her husband, Dog’s son Leland, have split or are having marriage difficulties, with an Instagram post meant to put an end to the talk.

Duane’s son Leland, 42, and his wife, Jamie, have been dogged (no pun intended) by rumors of marriage trouble and even a looming split for a while now. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the reason for those rumors is rather thin, and consists largely of fans of the couple reading into “cryptic” quotes they’ve posted on Instagram.

For example, on April 17 The Inquisitr reported that both Leland and Jamie had posted quotes on Instagram that suggested their marriage may be in trouble. Leland, for example, posted a quote about long fights and “letting it go,” without providing any context about whom or what he was referring to. He also referred to the Kenny Rogers song “The Gambler,” with the famous line “Know when to walk away.”

Not long afterward, Jamie posted a similarly cryptic message, saying “No woman should be taught that love is how much s**t you can tolerate from a man.”

To someone who doesn’t know the couple personally, which is to say, literally every last one of either of their Instagram followers (excluding close friends and family), those quotes may come off as being from a couple with problems. And indeed, the couple could very well have had a fight before they angrily posted on Instagram; couples fight, even in the strongest relationships.

The rumors gained steam when, as The Inquisitr reported last week, Leland “unfollowed” his wife on Instagram. As Pop Culture reports, however, it appears that Leland is now following his wife again on social media.

Meanwhile, the cryptic quotes and the unfollowing got fans — and some haters — concerned about the status of Leland and Jamie’s marriage. Some quotes were positive, encouraging the couple to seek help or focus on improving their relationship. Others were hateful, such as when one user told Jamie to get off social media and “take care of [her] man.”

On Saturday, Jamie made it clear that she is not going to brook rumors of a split between her and her husband. In an Instagram post, she said she wanted to “clear the air with some positive facts” and even shared a picture of the couple sharing a loving smooch.

Leland, for his part, has not responded to breakup rumors, as of this writing.

The rumors of a supposed rift in Leland and Jamie’s relationship come as family matriarch Beth Chapman is undergoing treatment for cancer.