Trump Tells Wisconsin Rally Crowd Horrifying Lie About Mother And Doctor Deciding To ‘Execute’ Newborn Baby

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Speaking at a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on Saturday night, Donald Trump told about 10,000 of his supporters a horrifying and completely false story meant to support his equally false claim that Democrats support the murder of newborn babies, as documented via Twitter by Vox reporter Aaron Rupar.

In what ABC News described as “a stem-winding speech,” Trump weaved through numerous topics, often appearing even angrier than usual at his political enemies. In the speech, he condemned top FBI and Justice Department officials as “scum,” derided Empire star Jussie Smollett as “a third-rate actor,” boasted that the administration plan to deposit unauthorized immigrants in sanctuary cities was “my sick idea,” and unveiled his nickname for newly announced Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, “Sleepy Joe.”

But the most shocking moment of the rambling speech came when Trump brought up the announcement earlier this week by Democratic Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers, in which Evers said that he would veto a Republican bill known as the “born alive ” abortion bill, as reported by Associated Press and shared by KTAR.

Trump claimed that the bill would protect “Wisconsin babies born alive,” and then told a bizarre, and false, story about the treatment of live babies.

“The baby is born. The mother meets with the doctor. They take care of the baby,” Trump intoned. “They wrap the baby beautifully. Then the doctor and mother determine whether or not they will execute the baby.”

The Wisconsin rally was not the first time that Trump claimed Democrats favor “executing” newborn babies, a claim that Politifact rated “false.”

In Wisconsin, Republicans have introduced a bill that would require doctors and nurses to provide life-sustaining medical care for babies that survive failed abortion procedures — an extremely rare occurrence, as a New York Times report explained. A fetus does not become viable outside the womb until 24 weeks of pregnancy, but less than 1 percent of all abortions are performed after 24 weeks — and those that are performed in that period are carried out “because the fetus has a fatal condition or the pregnant woman’s life or health is at severe risk.”

Supporters cheer Trump.
Supporters of Donald Trump cheer him on at a rally Saturday in Wisconsin.Featured image credit: Darren HauckGetty Images

In addition, existing laws already prevent doctors, or anyone, from killing babies who are born alive — the reason Evers cited for his promised veto of the bill were it to reach his desk, according to The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“We have all sorts of issues to deal with in the state of Wisconsin and to pass a bill that is redundant seems to be not a productive use of time,” Evers said, as quoted by the paper.

In February, Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam said that he opposed a similar “born alive” bill in his state. Trump, in response, told an earlier version of the anecdote about mothers and doctors “executing” babies, and again, Politifact rated Trump’s claims “false.”