'Survivor' Castaways Wardog & Rick Devens Give Each Other Sultry Mud Massages

During this week's episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction, the castaways were split up into two teams of four to participate in a reward challenge. While it initially looked like the yellow team had the competition in the bag – because Aurora blew through the first portion of the challenge – it was the blue team that ended up winning.

Made up of Julie, Lauren, Wardog, and Rick, the blue team got on a boat and headed out to enjoy a warm mud bath, food, and wine.

While Wardog and Devens started rubbing down their muscular frames with the mud, Rick asked Wardog if he would like help getting the mud rubbed on his back. Wardog agreed before returning the favor by rubbing down Rick's dad bod with a thick coating of mud.

"Heaven is getting mud rubbed on you by Wardog in Fiji," Rick jested as the two engaged in an awkward mud massage.

While Julie and Lauren joined the boys in assisting each other in rubbing mud on their small frames as well, the focus of the scenes in this week's episode was definitely on Rick and Wardog's uncomfortable interaction as they continued to rub each other down.

Unsurprisingly, this sultry mud massage didn't go unnoticed as many Survivor fans quickly took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the intimate moment.

On fan admitted on Twitter said they weren't really sure whether they enjoyed the mud massage, or Ron calling Aurora a rice Nazi more.
The steamy mud massages were not the first close interaction Rick and Wardog shared during this week's episode.

The duo also exchanged a very close hug in the water in celebration of winning the reward challenge before they hopped in the boat and headed out to enjoy their reward.

Rick Devens and Dan Wardog Dasilva on the eleventh episode of SURVIVOR
CBS Entertainment | Screen Grab

Rick and Wardog have had a very up and down relationship throughout the season, as they started out working together before Wardog and other members of the Lesu tribe voted him out. When Rick came back into the game using the Edge of Extinction twist, he told Wardog he refused to work with him because he couldn't trust him.

In this week's episode, Rick recognized that he and Wardog were viewed as huge threats and needed to work together to survive.

While the relaxing mud massage and bath may have been enough to rejuvenate Devens as he was able to go on and win the immunity challenge, it wasn't enough to save Wardog from the chopping block.

New episodes of Survivor air every Wednesday night on CBS. You can watch Rick and Wardog give each other sultry mud baths during this week's episode via the CBS streaming app.