'Doc Martin' Star Martin Clunes Shares His Weight Loss Story

Martin Clunes is perhaps best known for his role in the comedy series Doc Martin, but over the last few years he has branched out to do documentaries, often going on the road to study various animals or locations, and so losing some weight has been beneficial to his activity level.

Hello Magazine reports that Clunes initially lost some weight after he had an illness and his Doc Martin wardrobe had to be reworked.

"I had a virus and lost a stone [14 pounds]. They had to remake my wardrobe to fit."
Clunes, now 57, says that he was determined to lose weight and had success with the 5:2 diet, meaning that he fasts for two days a week and eats normally on the other five. For maintenance, he says that he now adheres to a 6:1 diet.

The Doc Martin star explains that he didn't like the way he looked and didn't feel well, having a number of aches and pains.

"I was fat — and while I was getting heavy, I had tired knees and stuff. So I thought I'd try that diet and the weight came off. I lost about three stone in as many months. It's great — and it's supposed to be good for cholesterol, too."
Clunes is currently in Cornwall, in Port Isaac (which plays the fictional town of Portwenn) on the set in Doc Martin, shooting the ninth season of the popular series, according to the Inquisitr. The series is scheduled to wrap with the season, and so fans are eagerly anticipating the next installment of the series.

There is often a large gap between seasons of Doc Martin, as Cornwall is not a location where you can shoot on location all year round. Clunes also explains that the whole cast moves down to Cornwall and works on location, which has led to a large uptick in tourism for the region.

Clunes explains that the whole cast loves going on location in Cornwall because it's like camp.

"We love going to Cornwall to make Doc Martin, and we miss it when we are not there. The county is so beautiful, and the people have been so warm and welcoming to us. It is the best job in television."
The actor's wife, Doc Martin executive producer, Philippa Braithwaite, and their daughter, Emily all make the trip down to Cornwall together for each season and say that they've enjoyed making it their home away from home.