Kylie Jenner Wished Travis Scott Happy Birthday With A Billboard In Los Angeles

Rapper Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are an iconic celebrity couple, frequently generating vast attention on social media. Together the couple welcomed their only child, Stormi Webster, in February of 2018. When they celebrated their little girl's first birthday this past February, they went all out creating an extravagant wonderland for her birthday party. There were rides, games, and even a blow up version of their daughter's face. Knowing Jenner's past for going over the top when it comes to birthdays, it's no surprise that she decided to take things to the next level for Scott's birthday, according to Cosmopolitan.

The rapper turned 28-years-old this Friday and he and Jenner celebrated with an Avengers-themed party. They even had a private screening of Avengers: Endgame, the last segment of the Avengers series that just hit theaters. While most people had to wait hours at their local movie theater to snag a ticket, Jenner and Scott opted to have a viewing party of their own. Of course they offered a wide variety of snacks for their guests, including a cake with miniature versions of themselves on it. Even Stormi made an appearance on the elaborate cake.

The infamous couple almost broke the internet when Jenner posted a photo of the family's outfits for the occasion. They dressed up as Avengers characters, inventing their own superhero personas. Jenner called herself "Captain Lip Kit" and dubbed Scott "Iron Flame." Even little Stormi had her own costume as an adorable mini Thor.

"Oh you didn't catch iron flame and captain lip kit in the credits? Sucks 4 you," joked Jenner in the caption of an Instagram photo of the pair.

In another photo, Scott, Jenner, and their daughter pose lovingly in what appears to be the driveway of Jenner's L.A. mansion.

"Happy end game everyone," Jenner wrote, clearly showing off her impressive costume.

But perhaps most impressive stunt is the way that Jenner chose to wish happy birthday to Scott. Rather than just buying him a card as most people tend to do, she rented a billboard in Los Angeles.

"Happy Birthday Daddy! Love, Mommy and Stormi XO," reads the billboard.

The sign includes a massive profile shot of the toddler, as well as a picture of Jenner posing with her.

Jenner is already hoping that her mini-me will follow in her own footsteps on day. When a fan reached out to her on Twitter to ask if she wants Stormi to have her own makeup line, Jenner responded that she was just waiting until she's old enough.

"I would love for her to do a collection of her own! I just want her old enough to decide and choose all the colors and designs!" she said.