50 Cent Compares Lala Kent's Fiancé Randall Emmett To Harvey Weinstein In Shocking New Post

Shots had already been fired, but now they're REALLY fired. The Inquisitr has been reporting on the new feud between Lala Kent, her fiancé Randall Emmett, and rapper 50 Cent throughout Saturday. In a nutshell, 50 Cent is allegedly angry at Randall over a $1 million loan, which he is now demanding be paid back by Monday. 50 took his frustrations out on social media by sharing a video of Lala from a former episode of Vanderpump Rules, and subsequently called her a "hoe."

In the clip, Lala explains to Stassi Schroeder how she received a Range Rover the day after she met Randall and admitted to sleeping with him that same night. 50 essentially trolled Lala over hooking up with someone in Hollywood to get ahead, and she didn't take too kindly to his words. Lala eventually went to her Instagram story to share a video where she slammed 50 Cent for "diminishing the validity of the Me Too movement." The video was deleted shortly after being posted, but nothing ever really disappears from the internet does it?

The video was saved on Twitter which 50 caught wind of and eventually shared it to his Instagram page. 50 doesn't mention the Me Too movement in the caption for the video but he did mention Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced film producer whose actions prompted women and survivors to star the Me Too movement.

"Hey how is the Range Rover? There's no difference between Harvey Weinstein and [Randall] Emmett! This is reality, not reality TV. Bravo B****," 50 wrote in the caption.

Weinstein has had a multitude of sexual assault allegations against him and is currently awaiting trial. Many of the women who came forward admitted to being offered acting jobs for sex, to which Weinstein eventually admitted was true.

This is where 50's comparison of Lala's fiance and Weinstein came into play. Lala scored the lead in The Row, a horror movie produced by Randall shortly after they met, and also landed a role in the upcoming Axis Sally which Randall is also producing.

It should be noted that Lala and Randall have been in a committed relationship since they met and are now engaged.

At the time of this publication, Randall and Lala have not responded to 50's comments regarding the comparison to Harvey Weinstein. Every time Lala has posted something on social media regarding the feud she has immediately withdrawn it so the couple appears to be taking the silent approach to the matter.