Duggar Fans Are Convinced That Jim Bob & Michelle Let It Slip That Another Grandchild Is On the Way

There seems to be something in the water for the Duggar family. Babies are popping up quickly. Josh and Anna are expecting their sixth child that is due in the fall and no one is more excited than Jim Bob and Michelle. They gave a shout out to their eldest son and daughter-in-law saying how thrilled they are. However, there may have been a slip of the pen in the post that was written sharing the baby news.

After Josh and Anna broke the baby news on Instagram, their parents posted a sweet message on the Duggar Family blog. They expressed how happy they are that another little one is on the way. They even said, "the best days for their family is ahead." They also talked about what a special blessing this child is, but it was the beginning of the post that has eagle-eye Duggar fans scratching their heads. The 19 Kids and Counting stars indicated that this new baby will be their 16th grandchild.

A few Duggar fans did their math and it sure doesn't add up at all. Josh and Anna are expecting their sixth child, Jessa and Ben will be having their third little one in June, and Kendra is pregnant with her and Joe's second baby. That makes 11 grandkids. Add in Jill and Derick two boys, Israel and Samuel, and you have 13. Two couples, Jinger and Jeremy, as well as Joy and Austin, have one child each. That is a total of 15. Where did 16 come from?

Some fans think that maybe Jim Bob and Michelle just miscounted how many they have. Many others are totally convinced that another Duggar girl is pregnant, which means that an announcement will be coming soon.

There are certainly many possibilities if this was indeed a slip about another baby on the way. It doesn't appear that it's Lauren who is expecting just yet. She recently shut down that rumor of another pregnancy a few months after miscarrying their first child. Fans actually thought that it was possible that the Duggars considered Josiah and Lauren's first baby the 16th grandchild. However, someone else had pointed out on Facebook that Anna had also had a miscarriage early in her marriage to Josh, so that would actually make it 17.

So now, Duggar followers are pretty sure that one of the other couples will be stepping up to make another baby announcement. There are rumors swirling right now that Joy and Austin are expecting their second baby, but only time will tell if this is true.